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Why Apple should integrate NQ Mobile Vault into iOS

NQ Mobile Vault creates an encrypted, passcode (not password) protected space on your iOS device. The vault stores only photos and videos on your iPhone or iPod Touch devices. This is partly due to limitations of the iOS API. The Android NQ Mobile Vault app lets you store texts, call history and other services on Android, but this is in mainly due to the open source nature of Android.

That said it would be interesting to see if NQ Mobile could find a way of working with Apple on making this happen for iOS. Now let us take a look at how you use NQ Mobile Vault. On opening NQ Mobile Vault, you will need to create your Vault passcode, so don’t forget it, otherwise you will permanently lose all your photos and videos. You should now see three icons at the bottom of the screen > Home > Camera > Dashboard.

Click on Dashboard – these are the freemium options:

  • TAP  > Still visible media to view what media files (pictures and video) needs to be deleted – this scan only be done manually though
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Manage your Apple iOS 5 security and privacy

Apple designed the iOS platform with security at its core. The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are designed on a layered security model around software, hardware and firmware. It is the low-level hardware and firmware feature sets that have made the iOS system possibly the most robust security mobile platform in the world – possibly even more than Research in Motion (RIM) makers of BlackBerry.

Given the obvious security and privacy advances of iOS, it is still important that you remember nothing is 100% secure. Want to learn more about iOS 5> security and privacy? Let’s first of all take a look at General security and privacy settings:

Tap > Settings > General

  • Tap > Auto-Lock – you have the option of never enabling Auto-Lock; 1 minute; 2,3,4 or 5 minutes. I suggest you set Auto-Lock for 1 minute.
  • Tap > Passcode Lock – Set Passcode to “On’. You can only enter a 4-digit pin if > Simple Passcode is set to ‘On’. I suggest > Simple Passcode is set to off. Tap > Passcode Lock – If Simple Passcode is set to ‘Off’ you have the option of using a password which is stronger and more difficult to crack. Tap > Passcode Lock – Tap > Require Passcode – you have the option of immediately requiring a Passcode; After 1 minute; 5, 15, 1 hour or 4 hours. Tap > Erase Data and set to ‘On’. This function erases all your iPhone data after 10 failed passcode attempts
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Galaxy Nexus 7 Android 4.1 security hints and tips

The Galaxy Nexus 7 is Google’s answer to the Amazon Kindle Fire. I’ve been using this TAB since receiving one at Google I/O back in June. Since then, I’ve been really impressed with the ‘buttery’ Jelly Bean (it’s running the latest version 4.1.1), browser rendering, battery performance and gaming power. So what about Android Jelly Bean security?

Here are the important security features (and there are quite a few options available to you) you should take some time to look at on the Nexus 7:

  • DEVICE LOCK – Open Settings > Tap on Security > Tap on Screen lock. Set a device lock, so only you can access:  You can choose a pattern lock, PIN unlock or password unlock. I suggest you use the password lock as this is the most secure.
  • CONTACT INFORMATION – Open Settings > Tap on Security > Tap on Owner Info. Make sure you leave your contact information on the lock screen in the event your device is lost and an honest person wants to return it to you.
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Android Flash Player available in UK on Play Store

After my post below yesterday (good timing by me you might say :)) Adobe announced that it was returning the Android Flash Player to only the UK Google Play Store. There has been some pressure from UK strategic partners here in the UK namely the BBC, which said that removing Flash Player would cause performance problems for its BBC iPlayer Android application.

It is well known that the BBC and others might be working on alternative video player that will allow TV content to be made available across different mobile platforms. Adobe has stated that no date has been set for when the Flash Player will now be removed from Google Play Store.

Adobe are informing those who decide to download the Flash Player, that it is still no longer going to be updated. Also, just to reiterate from yesterday’s post, that Flash Player is only certified to work with Android Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.x and does not work with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.x.

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Uninstalling Android Flash Player is a security risk

On August 15th Android Flash Player (the latest release was v.11) was no longer available to download and install from the Google Play Store. However, If you use Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) which was pre-installed (Adobe certified) with the Adobe Flash Player on a mobile device or downloaded from the Google Play Store before August 15th, then your Flash Player will indeed work.

If you have recently upgraded to Android 4.1, the current version of Flash Player will not work properly. You should therefore uninstall Flash Player on devices that have been upgraded to Android 4.1. Note: Adobe will though continue to focus on enabling Flash in native apps with its AIR runtime for all the major app stores. Now, let’s take a look at the security risks.

The withdrawal of Flash Player from the Play Store, has since August 15th, provided cybercriminals the opportunity to create malware that masquerades as a Flash Player installer. Security vendors have seen a SMS Trojan (also comes with rogue adware which displays in the notification bar) apps (these are mainly in Russian but some are in English) packaged as Flash Player for Android, so it is best to be vigilant and not download and install Flash Player from a third-party or via an SMS or email link.

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