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How to locate and protect your lost or stolen iPhone

findmyiphoneIf you lose your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and you don’t have another iOS device, you will find the following information very useful. If you intend on removing your device from your Apple account, Activation Lock will be turned off, which will allow someone else to activate and use your device.

If you decide to erase your device, you should contact your wireless carrier so they can disable your account and prevent calls, texts and data use.

The following will only work if you enabled Find My iPhone (including iPad or iPod touch).

  • Sign in to https://icloud.com/find on a Mac or PC with your Apple ID and Password (Don’t check ‘Keep me signed in’}
  • You will also get an email from Apple to tell you about your iCloud sign in
  • Click > All Devices – you will see a list of iOS devices that are either offline or connected to the Internet
  • Select a device to view its location on a map. You can play a sound, activate Lost Mode or Erase iPhone
  • Turn on Lost Mode – this will allow you to remotely lock your device with a passcode, display a custom message with your phone number on your missing device’s Lock screen, and monitor your device’s location*
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How to use Find My iPhone Activation Lock

findmyiphoneiOS Find My iPhone includes a feature called Activation Lock. This is designed to prevent anyone apart from you from using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in the event it is lost or stolen.

Activation Lock is securely stored on Apple’s activation server’s and links to your device. Your password will be required before anyone can turn off Find My iPhone, erase your device, or reactivate and use your device.

Activation Lock is enabled automatically when you use Find My iPhone on a device running iOS 7 or later. Find My iPhone Activation Lock requires your Apple ID and password before anyone else can do the following:

  • Turn off Find My iPhone on your device
  • Erase your device
  • Reactivate and use your device

Find My iPhone can be used to erase your device remotely, however Activation Lock will still be activated after a device wipe. This adds an additional layer of protection in the event someone attempts to reactivate your device without your permission. Also, if you plan on giving away your device you should turn off Find My iPhone. This ensures that the new owner can use your device as normal.

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iTunes credit balance iOS reminder issue

iOS9Once you redeem iTunes Gift Cards or iTunes Gifts on iOS (tested on iOS 9.x), your updated balance will appear in your iTunes Store account. When you purchase content, iTunes will deduct funds from the credit until it is depleted.

Note: You can also do the following through iTunes, the Mac App Store or the iBooks Store.

Checking your balance on iOS:

  • Tap iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks
  • In iBooks, tap Featured at the bottom of the screen
  • Scroll to the bottom of page
  • If you are signed in, tap Sign-In and enter your Apple ID and password
  • If you have a credit balance, you’ll see it below your Apple ID*

*If you are not in credit, the credit balance will not be visible.

If you have insufficient store credit to purchase content, iTunes does not prompt you with a notification reminder upon clicking to purchase. Permitting customers to purchase content without notifying them at checkout that their iTunes payment credit or debit card is about to be debited the outstanding difference, could be perceived as deliberate by design.

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How to enable the iOS9 six-digit passcode

iOS9iOS9 provides some additional security and privacy improvements. The major security highlight included a six-digit passcode(which actually makes it harder to brute-force attack a passcode) option, rather than four-digits. This option is available to all iOS9 supported devices, including the Touch ID-enabled iPhones and iPads.

Note: The following assumes you were using the four-digit passcode.

How to enable six-digit passcode

  • Settings > Passcode > ‘Type in your Passcode’
  • Tap > Change Passcode > ‘Enter your old passcode’
  • Tap > Passcode Options > 6-Digit Numeric Code
  • Type your new 6-digit numeric code > Verify your new passcode

TIP: Repeat one of the digits in your 6-digit passcode. This makes it harder to guess from smudge marks on the screen.

Why did Apple provide the 6-digit passcode option?

There are 10,000 possible combinations that the digits 0-9 can be arranged to form a 4-digit passcode, whereas with a 6-digit passcode, there are over 1m.

Chip & Pin numbers (4 digits) are often re-used with mobile devices and accessing mobile apps (that require a PIN), so setting up the 6-digit passcode on your iOS device, should be the first security and privacy measure after this upgrade.

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