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How to use BlackBerry Android Privacy Shield

BlackBerry Privacy Shield lets you read emails, messages and personal content but without the issue of someone snooping over your shoulder. The app allows you to view any information in public places, by hiding the parts of the screen that you are not actively viewing or using. However, you can still interact with the obscured parts.

You can use Privacy Shade to adjust the transparency of the filter (which is a dark black) to suit the surroundings, Once you’ve installed Privacy Shade you have a number of setup and access options you can choose:

  • If you are using Nougat 7.0 or higher, you can add Privacy Shade to your Quick Settings.
  • Use a BlackBerry device? you can assign Privacy Shade to the Convenience Key.
  • Does your BlackBerry device support Swipe Shortcuts? If so, you can make Privacy Shade one of your shortcuts.
  • You can also toggle Privacy Shade on or off via the optional dedicated notification in the notification tray.
  • Finally you can also access Privacy Shade from the app icon.

Open the app as above:

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How to set up Picture Password on BlackBerry Android

The Picture Password feature is available on BlackBerry 10 as well as Android Priv and DTEK60 devices. It will allow you to unlock your device using a unique number and picture combination. It’s a simple to use, as all you do is move a grid to align a number over a specific secret location on a picture.  You choose the number, secret location and picture.

Why would you use Picture Password? You are out and about and don’t want anyone to shoulder surf you and easily guess the PIN or password you enter to unlock your screen. By using Picture Password, it is difficult for another person to guess your picture password, even if the person is watching you unlock your screen.

To be able to use Picture Password, you will first need to set up a screen lock that uses either a password or a PIN. Enter your Picture Password incorrectly more than five times, your device will prompt you to enter the password or PIN to unlock the screen.

NOTE: Whenever you restart your Android device you will not be able to use Picture Password to unlock your device. You will have to use either your password or PIN to start your device.

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How to enable adoptable storage on the DTEK60

Adoptable external storage provides support to designate your external microSD storage card as internal storage. Only HTC, Lenovo and the BlackBerry DTEK60 provide this Android Marshmallow only feature.

It’s worth noting that if you decide to format your microSD card for internal storage, it will format as EXT4* and encrypt it, so it will only be accessible on your device, as the SD card will no longer be visible.

Follow these simple steps to enable your microSD card for internal storage:

  • Settings > Storage & USB
  • Tap > SD card (this will under ‘Portable storage’)
  • Tap > Menu (top right three vertical dots) > Settings
  • You can choose to Eject, Format or Format on internal
  • Choose > Format on internal

The microSD will be formatted to make it secure. After formatting, your SD card will only work on your device. It will also erase all data currently stored on the microSD card. To avoid losing any of your data, you should now consider backing it up.

  • Tap > ERASE & FORMAT  – depending on the type and size of card, formatting shouldn’t take long.

If you receive the following message while formatting:

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How to setup and use BlackBerry 10 Parental Controls

BBPassportBlackBerry 10 ( provides parents and their children with increased security and privacy controls. BlackBerry 10 allows the parent to set limits on what features or services the child has access to. Parents are able to turn off access to certain apps, features and content.

There is also the ability to restrict incoming phone calls and messages to people in the Contact app.  Here is how you can restrict or limit access to features and content:

  • Settings > Security and Privacy > Parental Controls
  • Make sure Parental Controls switch is set to On
  • Enter your password twice and Add recovery question (also type your answer)

You should also check the following:*
> Phone calls from contacts only
> Text messages from contacts only

*Selecting the above options will allow only people in your Contacts app to call or text your child.

Next you will need to review Application Usage. This allows you to turn a feature OFF which will disable it on the device.

  • Camera and Video Features – enable
  • Browser – enable browser and Twitter and Facebook will not prevent browsing using links
  • BBM – enable
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Manage Android app permissions on BlackBerry 10.3

BBPassportBlackBerry 10 allows you to install an app even if you disable ALL the permissions. In some instances you might experience app problems. If you do, you can enable the permission(s). BB10.3 is the latest software release for the Passport (which was used in this post) which supports additional permissions.

The additional permissions also allow for collection of more personal/device data. Privacy advocates will enjoy using BB10 for app privacy control but will be somewhat alarmed at the lack of permission control for pre-installed Android and some BB10 apps such as Box and Connect to Dropbox.

To access Application Permissions:

  • On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  • Tap > Settings (sprocket) > Security and Privacy > Application Permissions
  • To view permissions for a particular app, tap an app
  • To view which apps use a particular permission, tap All Permissions. Tap the permission that you want
  • To turn on or turn off a permission, tap the switch toggle

Tap the Permissions drop down box – you will presented with a list of the following BlackBerry 10 permissions. These permissions are turned off for the Android runtime. Note: The following permissions are applicable to Software Release which is running Android 4.3:

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