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Julian is an information security and mobile security specialist /entrepreneur and co-founder of ID Theft Protect and AppSecTest.

ID Theft Protect (IDTP) is a global Windows and mobile application security-auditing specialist. We work in many different industries including, cyber security, advertising and government.

AppSecTest (AST) focuses on identifying and developing mobile security technologies that fix a particular problem, or set of problems as well as mobile security testing for devices, Apps and backend services.

Key competencies

Highlight: Mobile App + vulnerability analysis / compliance – now CEO of AST.

Skills: ISO 27001/2; GDPR; Privacy Shield; DPA; FinTech; Android; BB10; iOS; Java; encryption; malware analysis; penetration testing; Windows security; Dark & Deep Web; Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) and identity theft/fraud.

Patents: Picture Passcode Recovery Authentication Mechanism (China, 2013) / US pending. Other patents (FYEO) in pending.


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  1. Businessman M says:

    Hi Julian

    On my galaxy note my SD card encrypted i made a hard reset to the phone and not to my external SD card, after the hard reset i see my files on the external card but i can’t play files or sounds which are inside the memory card,

    i’m using the same device i didn’t change my phone, i tried to encrypt the memory again and decrypt but nothing, i can’t access them
    they are locked,

    thank you so much if you can help

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