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Julian is an information security and mobile security specialist /entrepreneur and founder of ID Theft Protect (IDTP). IDTP leads the way in providing information security solutions to consumers and also works with large corporate companies on technology strategies within the security sector on a worldwide basis. Julian’s relevance of network and relationships within the antivirus, mobile security, public sector and identity theft sector are unrivalled and contribute to being an advisor to many leading security companies.

Key competencies

Key competencies include mobile malware and app security analysis; mobile/cloud security architecture improvement, innovation & compliance; OWASP knowledge; Mobile Risk Management (MRM) research; anti-emulation; code binding and investigating smarter MIM, MDS, MDM & MAM security models; mobile authentication; identity protocols; open source cloud knowledgebase as well as HTML5/app hybrid security knowledge on multiple mobile platforms and much more… oh and BTW – I like to make waves and forever keep on learning 🙂


Mobile security specialist; identity theft/fraud expert; technology integrator; identifies innovative solutions; antivirus/mobile security analysis on Dalvik, WP7/8 and iOS; mobile banking/e-wallet security; cloud-based anti-malware analysis; virtualization software; business development; Web 2.0/3.0; HTML5; 2.5 factor technology interest; owner of ID-A Protect Ltd (an ideas concept company).

My Company

ID Theft Protect provides technical and business evaluation of security technology as well as Internet and mobile security specialist knowledgebase in mobile and Internet security. We are not consultants as such, as we have a history of designing and building security technology. Here are some of the industries we are respected and work in:

  • AV-vendors
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Mobile security vendors
  • Governments
  • Ad-networks (including mobile)

We also work from time-time with security start-ups and stealth companies – these types of companies actually contact us for help and guidance! Julian and Matt also attend various global events which includes Virus Bulletin, AVAR, CEBIT, RSA and Infosecurity Europe to name a few.

One Response to About Me

  1. Businessman M says:

    Hi Julian

    On my galaxy note my SD card encrypted i made a hard reset to the phone and not to my external SD card, after the hard reset i see my files on the external card but i can’t play files or sounds which are inside the memory card,

    i’m using the same device i didn’t change my phone, i tried to encrypt the memory again and decrypt but nothing, i can’t access them
    they are locked,

    thank you so much if you can help

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