How to opt out of interest-based ads on Android

Android Google Play Services has a feature that allows you to opt-out of Ad personalisation. This will instruct apps not to use your advertising ID to build profiles or show you interest-based ads.

You have the option to opt out of receiving interest-based ads as well as reset your advertising ID. Please note, that you will still see ads, but they may not be based on your interests. Also, if you clear your device cache, you will lose your opt-out setting.

Click > Ads by Google to learn more about how Google handles apps across the Google Display Network.

How to opt out of interest-based ads on Android:

  • Go to > Settings > Google > Ads
  • Toggle switch to On

Note: Ads Settings lets you opt out of seeing personalised ads when you are:

  • Signed in to your Google Account (“Ads Personalisation”)
  • Signed out of your Google Account and browsing the websites and apps that partner with Google to show ads (“Ads Personalisation Across the Web”)
  • Signed out of your Google Account and using Google Search (“Ads Personalisation on Google Search”)

Opting out doesn’t do the following:

  • Stop ads altogether
  • Disable other companies’ personalised ads
  • Opt you out across multiple browsers or computers at once if you’re signed out of your Google Account
  • Keep you opted out after you’ve cleared your browser cookies
  • Keep you opted out if your browser blocks cookies
  • Opt you out of personalised ads in services where cookie technology may not be available
Safe surfing folks!


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