How to enable App Preview Message on Android

Google App Preview Message on Android allows people who have different types of messenger apps on their smartphones to communicate with each other. This means any Android or iOS user can message anyone in their contacts using any instant messenger app and the receiver does not need to have that specific messenger app to read the message. The message is received as a notification from Google Play Services.

Currently this feature is only available on Allo Messenger, but it is expected that WhatsApp and other messenger apps will also make this feature accessible.

How to enable App Preview Message on Android:

  • Go to > Settings > Google > App preview messages Toggle switch > On
  • You will receive a verification code (you don’t have to input this code)
  • Tap on App Preview Messages option and verify your mobile number
  • Apps connected – lists the apps that are setup to use App Preview Message (toggle On or Off)

Manage storage – messages are kept on your device for 1 year, but you have the option to remove messages after 7 days or delete all the App Preview Messages (toggle On or Off).

You can now receive instant message notifications from any instant messenger app (currently Google Allo Messenger).

If you want to disable App Preview Messages, then follow the steps above and toggle switch > Off

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