How to use BlackBerry Android Privacy Shield

BlackBerry Privacy Shield lets you read emails, messages and personal content but without the issue of someone snooping over your shoulder. The app allows you to view any information in public places, by hiding the parts of the screen that you are not actively viewing or using. However, you can still interact with the obscured parts.

You can use Privacy Shade to adjust the transparency of the filter (which is a dark black) to suit the surroundings, Once you’ve installed Privacy Shade you have a number of setup and access options you can choose:

  • If you are using Nougat 7.0 or higher, you can add Privacy Shade to your Quick Settings.
  • Use a BlackBerry device? you can assign Privacy Shade to the Convenience Key.
  • Does your BlackBerry device support Swipe Shortcuts? If so, you can make Privacy Shade one of your shortcuts.
  • You can also toggle Privacy Shade on or off via the optional dedicated notification in the notification tray.
  • Finally you can also access Privacy Shade from the app icon.

Open the app as above:

Click > Settings sprocket (top right) – you can choose between showing the view area or only showing the view area when you touch; change the shade of the view area; adjust the transparency of the shade; and access additional settings, where adds a permanent notification to your notification tray so you can quickly turn privacy Shade on or off.

Also includes a > Show tutorial and further help (opens a browser to ‘About BlackBerry Privacy Shade’. To turn off Privacy Shade – tap > Settings sprocket (top right) you will see a right arrow icon at the bottom right. Tap this icon to exit Privacy Shade.

Safe surfing folks!


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