How to set up Picture Password on BlackBerry Android

The Picture Password feature is available on BlackBerry 10 as well as Android Priv and DTEK60 devices. It will allow you to unlock your device using a unique number and picture combination. It’s a simple to use, as all you do is move a grid to align a number over a specific secret location on a picture.  You choose the number, secret location and picture.

Why would you use Picture Password? You are out and about and don’t want anyone to shoulder surf you and easily guess the PIN or password you enter to unlock your screen. By using Picture Password, it is difficult for another person to guess your picture password, even if the person is watching you unlock your screen.

To be able to use Picture Password, you will first need to set up a screen lock that uses either a password or a PIN. Enter your Picture Password incorrectly more than five times, your device will prompt you to enter the password or PIN to unlock the screen.

NOTE: Whenever you restart your Android device you will not be able to use Picture Password to unlock your device. You will have to use either your password or PIN to start your device.

How to turn on Picture Password

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers, or twice using one finger
  • Tap > Settings (sprocket icon) > Security > Picture Password
  • Enter your password or PIN
  • Select a number and pick a secret location > CONTINUE
  • Next, drag the grid to align your number over your secret location
  • You will then need to confirm the number and secret location
  • Tap > FINISHED

I recommend updating the Picture Password every so often. You can do this by following the above and where it says > SET PICTURE PASSWORD you should now see > UPDATE PICTURE PASSWORD.

Safe surfing folks!


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