Use SuperSU to control your Android root settings

supersuUpdated: Controlling your root settings is very important, especially as it opens your Android device up to the threat of malware. if you are familiar with rooting you will know that you can tweak and modify the way your Android software and hardware behaves. Granting apps root allows you to have vastly more control of your device and apps than without.

You should though be very aware that allowing your Android device to have root access does come with an element of security and privacy risk. Given the risk, SuperSU is often used by modders to control Android root settings on a per app basis.

What is SuperSU? SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. It’s that simple!

I’m going to assume you already have a rooted device and that you have an intermediary knowledge of device rooting using SuperSU developed by ChainfireXDA. SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root.

IMPORTANT: This is the updated SuperSU privacy policy from CCMT, which is effective August 29, 2016.

Here is a quick guide using SuperSU v2.78 SR1, on how to control your Android smartphone root settings:

  • List of apps that you have installed and given root access privileges – keep this list as short as possible and only ever include the apps you use and NOT every app on your device
  • In Settings – make sure > Re-Authentication is enabled as this will ask for permission again if an app is re-installed or upgraded
  • Revoke permissions – tap an app and you can change the access from Grant to Prompt or Deny. This will make sure you will be prompted the next time you launch the app
  • Disabling root – you have the option to disable Superuser – click > Settings > scroll down to > Enable Superuser*
  • App access – make sure that the default access is set to > Prompt – click > Settings > scroll down to > Default access – tap to change to > Grant or > Deny

*In some instances this function might not work. If your Android device does not disable root, you should reboot. Repeat this process when you re-enable root.


Safe surfing folks!


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22 Responses to Use SuperSU to control your Android root settings

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  2. Hi SuperSu,
    I installed root with Kingo Root on my Cube U25GT-C4W Android 4.2 Tab and your SuperSu, but now SuperSu or some other App got corrupted and I cannot unroot the Tab. On SuperSu Settings, I cleared “Enable Superuser” and also applied its 3 Cleanup tools… but SuperSu still causes problems, by neither uninstall or allowing access to Apps. What to do?
    Thank you for your good advice, Greetings from young pensioner Joh (75), down-under in St’go de Chile 🙂

    • Akhil.r says:

      Try to install supersu from the play store and then try to unroot.The clean up option is to update the supersu app

      sorry for my bad english

  3. Aditya says:

    You have to Install SuperSuMe first then it will automatically uninstall your Kongroot and install SuperSu ! Just download the file Supersu me Apk !

  4. eswar says:

    plz help me to update supersu binary

  5. joshua kalu says:

    how can i configure app with supersu

  6. Noel Quinn says:

    I have installed Super SU on my Samsung Note 8, mainly to get control of the bloatware,but in particular to stop the Samsung keyboard ejecting my preferred Graffiti handwriting app. So far Super SU has only found one solitary app, Power Clean from the Samsung store. None of the pre installed apps is accessible from any app management tool, so the whole exercise has been interesting but futile. What am I missing here?

  7. James says:

    As Noel Quinn!!!!! installed superSUPRO and PhilZ recovery not one app has shown what is goinng onthis seemsto be a waist of time what iam missing???????????????????????

  8. Steve Griffin says:

    Yep, I’m right there with Noel and James…

  9. Gautam says:

    i used it and it just bricked my phone(redmi 1s)

  10. faria says:

    How can i disable root safe protection on supersu??? I have rooted myself with odin.

  11. Raghav says:

    It is fake guys it always brick your phone I used it in my samsung galaxy grand it bricked time I bricked my brand new apple Iphone 6+

  12. Morgan says:

    I have a rooted Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 with SuperSU something has gone wrong with all of Google, constantly popping up with “unfortunately com.Google.process.gapps has stopped” Google services and Google services framework also. Because of this “binary” failing to update, I don’t want to do a factory reset or unroot but do I have any choice I don’t have backup

  13. Aryan yadav says:

    Plz help me to update su binary

  14. Maano says:

    How can I update superSU?? And also tell me how can I configure apps in superSu??

  15. Akhil.R says:

    Dear aryan yadav ,
    you want to root your phone first
    if yor phone os is kitkat(or newer) then root your phone with kingroot and then use supersu me app to install supersu app(i used this step in my galaxy ace4 lte)
    This link help you

  16. sidal says:

    Hi sir….

    How, where, what to do…. to get recovery IMG..

    SO can install REcovery mode….

  17. umesh shinde says:

    Sir I open the supersu app after installing the wifi app and then it worked. But sir when opened the supersu app then after he asked me something and I not saw what it saying and clicked on yes. Then suddenly my mobile is off and the symbol of cynogenmode shown and mobile is not starting what to do?

  18. rohan says:

    How I flash twrp in my (oppo r1201 8gb )plz help me

  19. sulayman darboe says:

    Please help me. I have a htc hero phone which whenever i dowmload apps and wants to install them, will them me that my phone is not rooted, or supper user is not install. I tried to install superuser app. but still it doesnt work. please help me.

  20. thanks, nice post. i like your post.

  21. Ruprecht says:

    On a new Samsung Note 4, it appears that it is rooted from the outset (i.e. without me doing anything). I tested this with Rootchecker Basic showing “correctly rooted”. I want for security reasons to unroot my mobile phone and by the same token check which of my apps actually require root access. I therefore installed SuperSU from Playstore, but running it, it it tells me “The SU binary needs to be updated” and if I continue it offers to install the SuperSU either under “normal” or under “TWRP/CWM”. If I do normal it seeems to work, but after reobooting and launching SuperSU the same message requesting an update appears. If I choose the TWRP/CWM option it reboots but stops on Linux window with error messages after “Installing package…” “E: failed to verify wholefile signature” and “E: signature verification failed”. I can only force a shut down and reboot. When I do a check with Root Checker Basic, it says “Sorry. Root Access is not correctly installed on this device”

    What can I do to have SuperSU work ?

    Thanks !

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