How to setup Google prompt 2-Step Verification (2SV)

Google securityGoogle recently introduced a new setting for 2-Step Verification (2SV). They are hoping the new setting called ‘Google prompt’ will make it easier for more people to use multi-factor authentication security. Currently, 2SV allows you tap a Security Key (such as the U2F YubiKey) as well as entering a verification code sent to your mobile phone. You can also use the Google Authenticator app.

Google prompt allows you to approve by tapping a ‘Yes’ prompt that will pop up on your mobile phone. You can access 2-Step Verification from your computer, Android device or iPhone, but only if you have a Google account. In addition Android devices will require the latest Google Play Services (2SV is part of Play Services) and iPhone 5S or later the Google Search app.

It’s important to note that the Google prompt setting is designed as an alternative second step to either using a Security Key or receiving a voice or text message.

The process below is the same whether you use an Android device, iPhone 5S (or later) or computer.

How to enable Google prompt

  • Settings > Google > Sign in & security > Sign in to Google
  • You will now be on the ‘Manage your account access and security settings’ page
  • Scroll down to ‘Password & sign-in method’ and tap > 2-step Verification > enter your Google password
  • If you already have a 2-step Verification setup you will be prompted to enter a verification code
  • Scroll down to > ‘Google prompt’ and tap > ADD PHONE > GET STARTED
  • Your phone will appear, but you can use a different phone*
  • If your phone has a screen lock, you should see a green tick icon
  • Tap > NEXT. You have now setup ‘Google prompt’. You can now attempt to sign in

*Using a different phone – You will need to make sure that you are signed in to your Google Account on an Android phone or iPhone 5S or later.

Safe surfing folks!


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