How to fix Android Lollipop Smart Lock Trusted Places

Android_lollipop_logoAndroid Smart Lock Trusted places feature is baked into Lollipop. Some people are having trouble using the feature, which automatically unlocks your Android device when you are in a specific place (using a geofence) i.e. your home

My suggestion is to check whether Smart Lock is enabled:

  • Security > Settings > Smart Lock > Confirm your PIN*
  • *Smart Lock requires Screen Lock to be enabled. The Smart Lock feature will be hidden if you if you set Screen Lock to > None
  • Next – click Trusted places > Add trusted place
  • If none of the above works go to Settings > Location settings and select > High accuracy
  • Location services – Next tap View/Manage (top right settings) > Open with Chrome  (just once). You will see your recent location history over timestamps /distance on Google Maps. If this reflects your previous and current location, then Location services is working as it should
  • If Location services isn’t working properly –  tap ‘Google Location History’  > DELETE LOCATION HISTORY

Another option is to turn on Google Maps which uses your mobile device GPS to pinpoint your exact location. Useful to know – if you decide to disable Smart Lock it will retain your Trusted places.

Safe surfing folks!


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2 Responses to How to fix Android Lollipop Smart Lock Trusted Places

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Julian,

    Many thanks for this article re trusted places/smart lock. The trouble shooting list was very helpful as it helped fix this annoying issue.


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