How to avoid Android Twitter login verification bill shock

Twitter_logoThe Android Twitter app (up to and including the latest version 5.36.0 available on Google Play) allows users to setup ‘Login verification’ which requires a mobile number to verify all login requests to Twitter mobile or Web apps.

‘Login verification’ will allow you to manage who and where a login request was made. Note: You will only be able to login to Twitter mobile or Web with the device you set up ‘Login verification’ with. If you lose your mobile then you can visit and delete your device (you will also have to login).

Let’s now set up ‘Login verification’:

  • Open > Android app and tap > Settings (top right)
  • Tap > Settings > then tap > @(your twitter name)
  • Scroll down and tap > Security – you will now see a prompt “You must have a phone associated with your Twitter a/c to use this feature”
  • Click > Add phone and the native browser opens to which will ask you for your Twitter login credentials
  • Type in your Twitter username and password then tap > Login
  • Next go to > Settings and register your mobile number and click > Save (use + before your number)
  • You should then receive an SMS on your registered mobile device. Enter the 6 digit PIN and tap > Verify
  • Lastly and very important to do this – select > Disable all notifications

If you don’t “disable all notifications” then your registered mobile will receive SMS tweets, retweets, direct messages and more and this will mean you might experience considerable mobile phone bill shock. You have been warned!

If you want to change your registered mobile number you can do this from your desktop browser (you will also have to login). Once you’ve completed this process Twitter will send an email “Your Twitter account is enrolled in login verification” to your registered email address to confirm you have enrolled with “Login verification”.

Safe surfing folks!


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