How to manually update the Mac OS X bash UNIX shell

mavericks_osxApple have now released OS X bash Update 1.0 for OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion, targeting the recently discovered “Shellshock” security flaw originating in the bash UNIX shell.

Last week, it was claimed by security researchers that Shellshock was active in the wild and could potentially issue commands to a computer which would allow the attacker to gather information and or modify system files.

Most OS X users will be unaffected by the vulnerability, as Shellshock only targets users who have configured advanced UNIX services. So if you use terminal, or you look to spawn a shell like Perl or even use startup scripts, you will be affected. If you do use advanced UNIX services as described here, then you should update your OS X immediately.

You might use the App Store to update your OS X system, but in the event this bash update isn’t showing, you can download the appropriate OS X bash update 1.0 from the following links:

OS X bash Update 1.0 – OS X Mavericks
OS X bash Update 1.0 – OS X Mountain Lion
OS X bash Update 1.0 – OS X Lion

For further reading regards OS X bash update 1.0
For further reading regards OS X security updates, you should refer to KB/HT1222

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