How to setup Windows 7 Internet Explorer 11 ad blocking

Internet ExplorerMost of us don’t like the ads that appear on websites. If it wasn’t for these ads, it’s unlikely the websites you are visiting would exist. It’s the ads and the number of impressions and click thru’s that generate revenue for website owners, publishers, developers, ad networks and the ad exchanges.

The ad industry creates jobs. That said, I do endorse the use of blocking certain ads i.e. ads that are not relevant to site content; adult in nature etc. I will call this “selective ad blocking”. It’s also worth pointing out that if you use Internet Security software your browser may also be protected from malicious ads (known as “malvertising”).

NOTE: If you use Firefox and/or Chrome you are probably familiar with extensions /plugin options, but if you use Internet Explorer 11 (IE), there is no support for these options. IE 11 has the fewest security issues compared to Firefox and Chrome, mainly down to not supporting extensions / plugins. It also has a distinct advantage when it comes to battery performance, so is also suited to tablets and Microsoft Surface tablet.

IE 11 now comes with ‘Tracking Protection Lists’. Tracking Protection helps prevent your browsing info being sent to third-party content providers on sites you visit by blocking content from those providers. Follow these steps to install a Tracking Protection List:

  • Open IE 11 and click the > Settings sprocket (top right)
  • Click > Manage add-ons
  • Click > Tracking Protection
  • Click > Get a Tracking Protection List* online… (this will open URL: – refer to the list below
  • Click > Add > Prompt appears ‘Add a Tracking Protection List’ – Click > Add List (or Don’t Add List)
  • If you receive an error prompt on installing a TP List, then use this Microsoft Fix it (TIP: Make sure Data Execution Prevention is enabled)
  • TOP TIP: If using Fix it doesn’t work go to > Settings sprocket (top right) > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Reset Internet Explorer settings

Add one or all (there are currently seven Tracking List options) as follows:

  • EasyList Standard – EasyList Tracking Protection List is based on the popular EasyList subscription for Adblock Plus and is managed by the well-known EasyList project.
  • EastPrivacy – EasyList Tracking Protection List is based on the popular EasyList subscription for Adblock Plus and is managed by the well-known EasyList projectIndonesian EasyList – This Tracking Protection List is designed for people who frequent Indonesian websites and want to preserve their privacy.
  • PrivacyChoice (all companies) – The PrivacyChoice TPL is based on our comprehensive database of tracking companies, including over 550 data companies and 800 domains.
  • PrivacyChoice – (block companies without NAI oversights) – This list does not include approximately 80 companies certified by the Network Advertising Initiative, an industry oversight group.
  • Stop Google Tracking – Tracking Protection in IE9 is that tracking servers never have the opportunity to use cookies or any other mechanism to track the user if the user never sends anything to a tracking server.
  • Truste – TRUSTe helps users get good ads, without compromising personal privacy.

In the address bar you will see a ‘buster’ symbol. This will inform you that some site content has been blocked. Tap the symbol and a window will appear allowing you to ‘Unblock content’. It’s now up to you whether you unblock or block site content and or domains. *Tracking Protection Lists are actually used for ad blocking (Microsoft are being ‘soft’ here). **Uncheck ‘I would also like Bing and MSN defaults’.

Safe surfing folks!


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  1. Richard G says:

    Thanks for the info. Glad to get rid of these spies collection information without my knowledge.

  2. Harry Picou says:

    OK, had a power supply go bad, when I replaced it, IE 11 does not work the same as on my other workstations. On this computer most of the picture links are not there, I receive no ads, and when I go to enter my email in outlook, it does not remember previous entry. My other workstations all have these features, how do I get the one not working to work like the others? Can anyone help? I have sent to MS but no reply.

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  4. ROBERT says:


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