Authentication error when opening Google Play app

Google_play_smallSeveral users have contacted me regarding problems connecting to Google Play “My apps”. The problem involves a well documented “Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account.” This is a bug. It occurs if you have more than one Google account. The problem happens if your primary account isn’t authenticating, and the Google Play app decides the other account(s) are primary. This causes an authentication conflict.

You have two options to fix this problem.

  • Remove the non-primary account linked to your Google Play account – tap and hold and tap > Remove account
  • Remove all accounts in > Settings > Accounts > Google – as above
  • Once you remove the accounts, reboot the device
  • Once device has re-booted add your primary Google account (you will need your email and password)

You might also experience the above problem if you have one Google account. If you do, you can choose to remove the offending account as above and add the primary account after reboot. Various forum comments suggest using the “Stop” function in running apps (this is meant to clear the cached background process) > tap “SHOW CACHED PROCESSES” for Google Play Store (his was done on a Nexus 5 running 4.4.2) but this will not work.

Safe surfing folks!

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8 Responses to Authentication error when opening Google Play app

  1. priya says:

    Apps not instaled

  2. kate abegail says:

    how to dowload a new google play store

  3. clevin says:

    Okay! So I got a perfect solution first root your phone by finding some apk file like towelroot in urban browser and after rooting download hosts editor pro(apk free)and there is 1 host there click on that host and press toggle u can see a “#” so that means u can now sign in with no problems I hope u find this helpful.

  4. Fred says:

    This happen to me with JUST ONE APLICATION, not all the apps, Is an aplication that I developed and wanted to download from the google play. Im so frustrated because of this and I canot find the problem yet, some ideas?

  5. Nitish Kumar says:

    Can after update mobile this problem solve?

  6. How to download app because they need an authentication google account

  7. Gleb says:

    Unfortunately, all this methods didn’t help me. But I found the instruction that helped me to solve this problem:

  8. Steve says:

    Thank you Julian, your recommendation worked like a charm and ended weeks of frustration.

    Merry Christmas sir.

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