Android real-time APK scanning in Verify app

Google_play_smallGoogle are working on rolling out security improvements to Verify app, which is an application-based anti-malware feature (part of Google Play Services) on the Android platform. Verify app was first introduced with Android 4.2, which scans new apps at download and install as well as paying close attention to those that side-loaded apps (downloads from third-party markets).

This security feature will either disallow or warn you prior to installation of an app it suspects as being suspicious. For those of you who do not know where to find Verify apps, here is how: Settings > Security > scroll down to DEVICE ADMINISTRATION – you should then check that Verify apps is ticked.

An important note: When you verify applications, Google receives log information, URLs related to the app, and general information about the device, such as the Device ID, version of the operating system, and IP address.

After upgrading to Android 4.2, Verify app should always prompt you when you install an app. It did this but wasn’t really that good at detecting malicious APKs. Google’s Bouncer is the cloud-based platform that should stop most malicious APKs but if it doesn’t then Verify app would. The problem is, that apps are still getting through both security layers. Google is therefore planning to release Verify app with a real-time scanning capability, which I believe will work alongside another verification system on the Play Store Servers called Bouncer (above).

There is no timelines as to when Android users should be seeing this update. It will no doubt come as a Google services update as part of the Play Store. One concern I have is, will user notice a notable decrease in battery drain with this update? Most likely and if they use a third-party mobile security app, they may see more battery drain than normal. A solution to battery drain, might be to disable Verify app and just use your mobile security app. I wonder what most users will do if they experience device performance issues?

If you wish to stop verifying applications at any time, go to Google Settings > Verify apps, then touch the box to remove the check mark. For devices running Android 4.2 and higher, you can also go to Settings > Security > Verify apps.

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Safe surfing folks!

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    My phone is samsung alpha and I can’t fing Clarify app. Can you please show me the right way to find it?

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