Use Android Safe Mode to solve app problems

Google_android_logoDownloading and installing Android apps doesn’t normally provide problems for users, but there are occasions when apps start misbehaving for no apparent reason. Some apps crash or cause your device battery to drain are two common issues reported by users. In worst case scenarios, an app might cause the device to “brick” or conflict with a mod you’ve made to your device.

If any of the above is happening to your device then using Android Safe Mode* is a simple solution to many if not all the above problems. Android Safe Mode works in two ways – the first is covered below and the second is if Android detects a problem with a newly installed app and force-closes it will automatically enter into Safe Mode. The latter doesn’t always happen, hence you may have to initiate Safe Mode now and then.

Here is a typical scenario when an app crashes:

  • You might see a message “Unfortunately, the process.<process name> has stopped.” This means you have an app conflict.
  • If this happens, the phone might not be useable and or it’s difficult to turn off the device
  • You can let the battery drain or attempt to switch your device off (multiple times)
  • Once the device is switched off you can now reboot into Safe Mode
  • Hold the > Power button until the Google logo appears, then hold the > Volume button down until the device has finished booting
  • You should now see “Safe Mode” notification in the bottom-left corner of the screen
  • Now you can uninstall the offending app that causes the process message in bullet 1 – you should uninstall the offending app from the Play Store
  • Reboot the device. Your widgets should be restored and offending app removed

Remember, Safe Mode runs only the core OS, so no widgets will be available. You also note that in some instances, (depends on which apps you have uninstalled), you may have been logged out of some app accounts. Lastly, none of your app data would have been lost. 🙂

Safe surfing folks!

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  1. MobiLock Pro says:

    Thank you Julian for sharing such wonderful information about Android safe mode as it resolves lot of issues as explained above. One of the biggest problem is app crash and it’s so irritating when such thing happens on your device.

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