Opt out of Facebook ads using Custom Audiences

Facebook 150x150 logoA new tool (expected to launch later this month) for Facebook advertisers is allowing companies to track you and your non-Facebook browsing habits. The new tool is an extension of Facebook Custom Audiences tool which will allow advertisers to track you outside of Facebook.

Ever noticed ads following you from website to website or from app to app? I have. I’ve noticed ads that appear to follow me to Facebook from websites I visited and apps I use. Look for a “About this ad” button. You can click the “About this ad” button (let me know if you don’t see this button) which will provide information on the advertiser who is tracking you.

You can also opt out of seeing any future ads from that advertiser. Also, you might have an option to click a URL to the page which will provide the opt out option from Custom Audiences (this is the cross-website tracking tool). Please let me know what you find, if you use this opt out feature.

Custom Audiences cross-website tracking will have to be opted out of on every browser (as Custom Audiences uses browser tracking cookies) you use and that includes, mobiles, tablets and computers. NOTE: Don’t clear your cookies otherwise you will have to do this again.

NOTE: Facebook advertisers can track you as part of a group but not individually. Please refer to Facebook Terms of Service for further information.

If you are a Facebook developer than you should read: Custom Audiences

Safe surfing folks!

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3 Responses to Opt out of Facebook ads using Custom Audiences

  1. pLUSpISTOL says:

    I created a simple, small extension for Google Chrome that will permanently add the opt-out cookie to your browser, even if you delete cookies!
    Here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-iba-opt-out/fdegohmelloaffiiaihofgoilplciepn?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon

  2. Shelly says:

    Can’t access account on Facebook need to change password have code can’t get passed old phone number SMS to change and can’t access account but found account?

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