Android ADM Account Password Challenge fixed

ADM_iconUpdate: Google heard my call and updated the app late Friday. Please visit the Play Store URL below to upgrade to the latest version 1.1.8. Google has released Android Device Manager (ADM) app update v.1.0.2 (1.70MB in package size) which now provides an additional layer of security for users. Google has now included “Account Password Challenge” at application start and when switching accounts. it also includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

NOTE: It’s important to note that ADM will use your location data to locate your Android device location. Your device location is approximate and may not always be accurate. Interestingly, Google makes a point of reminding users that in the event you lose your device, you should not retrieve the device yourself. You should inform the Police and or law enforcement. Ditto that!

How to install and setup Account Password Challenge (filename > from your Android device:

  • Click on this URL in your mobile browser (this will open Play Store on your device)
  • Install/update “Android Device Manager” app. Alternatively you can search for “Android Device Manager” in the Play Store and install
  • Open “Android Device Manager” app and click > Accept (that Google will use your location data)
  • You will see the map and if you are locating the device in your hand you should see this on the Google Maps – do like the wording “Just now – in your hand” 🙂
  • For further information on using ADM refer to my post here > Now, every time you open ADM (or switch accounts) you will be challenged to login with a password – well you should, but it doesn’t appear to be happening! 🙁
  • We’ve tested the ADM Account Password Challenge on Nexus 7 2013, Nexus 5 (both 4.4.2) and Galaxy Nexus running 4.3, and none challenge when the app is opened nor when we switch accounts.

Worth noting, ADM doesn’t currently allow you to log your history nor will it work if location services is disabled. If your device is lost or stolen and there was a history log feature for ADM, then even if location services was switched off, it would be possible to see ‘last location’. It’s also possible if the device isn’t wiped and someone uses a different Play Store account, for ADM to still be able to track your device. Other data, such as device ID, IMSI and or IMEI would need to be collected as a unique identifier for the latter to work.

Let’s hope Google identify the “Account Password Challenge” problem and provide a fix ASAP.

Safe surfing folks!

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