How to setup and use Twitter login verification

Twitter_logoLast week Twitter updated its Android app by improving app security with “Login verification”. This new security features will verify all login requests to Twitter using your primacy device.

“Login verification” uses two-factor authentication which doesn’t use the standard SMS One Time Password (OTP) approach (see note). Instead Twitter have opted for the app to look for an Internet connection through a combination of push notifications and in-app approvals.

For example you can login to your desktop and Twitter will send a login verification request to your primary mobile number. You will need to open your Twitter app and check login requests which will show you your location, what you are using i.e. Mac (Chrome) just now. Just tap the tick and your desktop request will be approved.

Note: The Android Twitter app doesn’t store a history of your login requests though which would have been useful information.

REMEMBER: This security feature needs to be switched on as it is not on by default.

How to use Twitter Login verification on Android:

  • Settings > Under Accounts {your Twitter handle>} >Security
  • Tap Login verification – click ok (when you see the screen prompt)
  • You will now see a code. Write this down in case you lose your phone*
  • Check login requests – Tap > Login requests – this will show your account login requests
  • Backup code – tap this option is you want to view your current backup code or generate a new one
  • The Backup code is then used to authenticate your identify with any of your devices

*You can also tap > Generate new backup code

BlackBerry10 Twitter app didn’t present us with a screen prompt to enter a verification code. We had to go to > settings > account to input our account password to generate a temporary password to access the BB10 app. The iPhone Twitter app worked accordingly.

Safe surfing folks!

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3 Responses to How to setup and use Twitter login verification

  1. curtiss says:

    for a long time, the twitter android app would show a notification for a login request. lately it has stopped. so now every time i’m at my PC and go to, I have to go digging into the android app’s security settings to find the login request to approve it. beatdown. it would also be good if had a “remember this computer” checkbox so I wouldn’t have to verify every single login from a pc that never leaves my house.

  2. Jane says:

    what if I was logged in on more than one devices when I reset my password and additionally set the login verification? Will the rest of the devices automatically be logged off because of the new password and login verification?

    • Julian says:

      #Jane# All your devices will be automatically logged off. You will need to confirm login requests either from your Twitter a/c web page or from the Twitter mobile app that you use to manage your Twitter login requests.

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