How to install Galaxy Nexus Android 1.0 ADB driver

Galaxy_NexusA number of readers have experienced an issue with Android 1.0 device driver not installing Android Composite ADB Interface on a computer, when connected to a Galaxy Nexus device. You might have also seen the yellow exclamation mark on Android 1.0 in Windows Device Manager.

The reason the driver isn’t being recognised by Windows, is that you need to edit the android_winusb.inf (see Note below) file. Let’s now go through some simple steps to show you how to enable the Android Composite ADB Interface. The following steps were tested by us in our lab, so we haven’t just copied these steps from another site.

NOTE: Windows .inf files use autoruns, which are not good if you value your security.

  • Download the USB drivers from here > unzip and install to your desktop
  • Install Google USB Driver – doesn’t work? Panic over 🙂
  • Next go to Device Manager and right click on Android 1.0 driver and click Properties
  • On the ‘Property’ drop down look for ‘Hardware ids’ you should see two values like this – USB\VID_1801&PID_4E30&REV_0100 and USB\VID_1801&PID_4E30 – Note down the USB\VID_1801&PID_4E30 you will need to copy this to android_winusb.inf
  • Go to the USB driver folder and open android_winusb.inf with notepad and create a new line under’Google Nexus (generic) as follows adding the above PID as follows: %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB\VID_1801&PID_4E30 – now save the file to same location
  • Next, go to Device Manager (Computer Management) > Other devices > Android 1.0
  • Right click on Android 1.0 driver and click Update Driver
  • Browse to the USB drivers folder and open android_winusb.inf (Use Browser my computer for driver software)
  • Windows will present you with a pop up saying “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software” click > Install this driver software anyway
  • You should now see a message “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” make sure the driver description looks like this > Android Composite ADB Interface then click > close (see Bootnote)
  • Device Manager will now label the device driver > Samsung Android Phone > Android Composite ADB Interface

TIP: Use Nexus Root Toolkit v1.7.0 (Wug) – this allows you to unlock, root, relock and unroot easily if you are not confident with using ADB and Fastboot commands in CMD.

Bootnote: Android Composite ADN Interface driver date > 09/07/2013, version 8.0. When you flash an .img it will disconnect your Nexus device and attempt to reinstall the drivers. This isn’t a bug, just Windows USB re-connecting your Nexus.

Safe surfing folks!

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2 Responses to How to install Galaxy Nexus Android 1.0 ADB driver

  1. Roolee says:

    Thanks for your great help!

    Little correction:
    18D1 is correct, instead of 1801
    so the full correct line is:

    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_4E30

  2. Asmir says:


    I can notsave my changes in android_winusb.inf. the change is denied and I can not change the security so I can save.

    Can you describe in detail how I do in order to succeed? I can not install the USB drivers for the Galaxy Nexus gsm, the windows do not recognize the nexus in recovery mode only when my phone is on.

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