How to recover your Windows system login passwords

windows 8_logoIf you have forgotten your Windows XP, Vista or 7 login password, it can be very challenging to find a way to access your Windows account/personal data. In some instances, friends have resorted to re-installing Windows, as which ever way they turn they are faced with either paying over the odds for a password cracking tool or just find it plain difficult understanding how to password crack. Well it isn’t actually that difficult. 🙂

One gem I use is called Ophcrack. It’s very simple to set-up – all you need is basic Windows knowledge, which I’m assuming my readers have. It has cracked both Windows XP, Vista and 7 passwords for me (nothing on 8 as yet). For my technical readers, Ophcrack is a Windows cracker based on rainbow tables which brute-forces for your login passwords.

All you need to do now is follow these simple instructions to download and install the LiveCD ISO image onto a CD/DVD. This is very easy as you will see shortly:

  • Download Ophcrack LiveCD* from here:
  • On the next page: click on XP, Vista or 7 for your current Windows system
  • This will download the OphCrack LiveCD ISO file (this contains SliTaz (a Linux distribution), the Ophcrack software, and other files needed to recover passwords)
  • Now burn the Ophcrack ISO image to a blank CD or DVD
  • Next insert the CD/DVD into the Windows PC (remember to change the boot order from hard disk to CD/DVD from BIOS setup). Linux will load and the Ophcrack program will start and automatic password recovery will begin for each user account
  • The passwords will be displayed on screen (this took about 5 mins for 2 passwords), so write them down. Once done you can remove the CD/DVD and change the BIOS to boot order from CD/DVD back to hard drive

*Note: Antivirus software may block both of the two files included in Ophcrack – samdump.dll and pwservice.exe. – this is part of an open source project called pwdump and isn’t malicious in any way – unless that is it is used in “suspicious” circumstances. The reason this is classified as malicious is because it can extract passwords! My suggestion is you turn off your AV while you download and install Ophcrack.

Safe surfing folks!

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