BlackBerry 10 Exchange setup issue identified

Blackberry Z10Last week I setup a work email which uses Microsoft Exchange on my Blackberry 10 device. I added a description, username, email address and password along with the server address and port: 443; enabled use of SSL and Push, while keeping the sync interval manual. The Sync Timeframe was kept at 30 days.

Once I’d provided the above information it prompted me for credential information and I re-input the Exchange password. It failed on authentication and asked me to re-enter the same credentials again via advance options. You also have the on/off option for syncing i.e. email, contacts etc.

After leaving the device for 30 mins I came back to find my device had locked and I started to wonder why because it never prompted me to set a device specific password. Talk about panic as I only had 10 password attempts before the device would wipe itself. Yikes!

So, I then twigged that the last credential prompt wasn’t the password for Microsoft Exchange, but the password request for my Blackberry 10 device! It would have been most useful that the BB10 Exchange policy setup tell me that ‘you have no device password setup, so you need to create one’. In the event you don’t want to sync email it should delete the config data.

This isn’t a good implementation of Exchange on BB10. Let’s hope that Blackberry fix this issue in the BB 10.2 release, expected sometime later in the year.

I’m sure this post/tip will help BB10 users around the globe!

Safe surfing folks!

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