BlackBerry Protect exploit identified in BlackBerry Z10

Blackberry Z10BlackBerry Z10 users should be aware that there is a privilege escalation vulnerability. Exploitation of the vulnerability requires not only that you enable BlackBerry Protect (which many of us have), use the feature to reset the device password, and download a specifically crafted malicious app, but also that an attacker gain physical access to the smartphone.

In the event all these circumstances happen it’s possible an attacker could potentially access or modify data on your BlackBerry Z10 device.¬†Further reading on BlackBerry Knowledge Base clarifies that this vulnerability has a low mitigation risk level, given the circumstances mentioned above.

The obvious facts that you would have to have downloaded a malicious app (you could also block the app as BB10 apps prompt users to allow or block permissions) and the attacker have physical access to your device, makes this vulnerability reasonably low risk right now to Z10 users.

The affected software is BlackBerry 10 OS version and earlier, except version To avoid this vulnerability, you should update to the latest Blackberry 10 OS version. To update Over The Air (OTA) to the latest BlackBerry 10 OS version > Settings > Software Updates. You also have the option to ‘Check for Updates’ if you don’t see the latest update available.

Safe surfing folks!

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