How to enable Parental Controls on BlackBerry 10

Blackberry Z10BlackBerry 10 (applicable to Z10 and Q10 and the latest OS version 10 and 10.1) comes with a useful integrated parental control by default. No need to download or purchase a third-party product, parental control will meet all your needs.

If your kids grab your device and attempt to use it you can setup and manage phone and SMS restrictions as well as app usage. There is also a restriction for the BlackBerry World as well as content restrictions. One feature missing though is a blocking option for email account access. It would be most useful to use the Parental Control password for accessing all email accounts. BlackBerry?

How to access Parental Control:

  • Tap > Settings icon
  • Tap > Security and Privacy
  • Tap > Parental Control

Note: You can also use Universal Search and type PAREN and Parental Controls will pop up

Next up, from Parental Control, toggle > Parental Controls > On

Enter a password and reenter that password to confirm. This password locks the Parental Control application, so your child cannot change the settings. The latest OS version 10.1 by default provides a recovery question/answer. I suggest you use it. My suggestion is that you store your password in BlackBerry Password Keeper.

Phone and Text Message Restrictions – selecting either or both: Phone calls from contacts only; Text messages from contacts only, will only allow phone calls or texts from contacts already in your contact book.

You can also turn off feature will disable the following app usage:

  • Camera and Video features
  • Browser
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Email Account Setup – no control for blocking access to sending and receiving emails
  • Location Information
  • Purchase Control – this will stop in-app purchases!
  • Install Application
  • Remove Application

Scroll a little further and you will come across BlackBerry World Usage, which allows you to disable access to Blackberry World.

Another useful feature is Content Restrictions. This loads the Content Controls which has used the following default options:

  • Adult apps and games are blocked
  • Films are blocked up to 15 years of age
  • Music shows all music titles
  • TV isn’t officially rate and classified by a film board*

* The TV classification might want to be changed to PG if your child has access to your BlackBerry 10 device.

If you forgot your Parental Control password, use the > Reset Parental Controls password link. This will save you doing a factory reset!

Safe surfing folks!

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2 Responses to How to enable Parental Controls on BlackBerry 10

  1. leentjie payne says:

    After attempting this…my icons went haywire.. How can I go back to before I even attempted Parental Control. Please help..!

  2. george79** says:

    where is the reset parental controls link?
    i have forgotten my password
    and my child needs blackberry world to update her bbm

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