Android Facebook Pages Manager app flaw fixed

Facebook Pages appAndroid Facebook Pages Manager is designed to provide Facebook Page admins with management capabilities on their Android devices, while also allowing them to send private messages to users.

It appears that some privately uploaded photos were actually defaulting to public viewing on the Android Facebook app – so your photos would be posted to your wall for all the see. Whoops! It does now appear that Facebook were made aware of the flaw about a week ago and they have indeed updated their servers accordingly over the weekend to fix the flaw. No app update will be necessary, which is good news. We’ve checked the app and this now appears to be fixed.

There is however, still the issue of photos that were uploaded as private that went automatically public. Facebook Security are investigating and are expected to remove the public photos that were uploaded as private on Pages.

This was not a security issue as such, as it wasn’t confirmed by Facebook or any other security researcher that this was a known vulnerability. If any of my readers want to contribute to improving Facebook security and privacy, I suggest they visit this link over at Facebook. Here is the link >

Safe surfing folks!

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