Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 secret dialling codes

Samsung-Galaxy-2-150x150You may or may not be aware that Android OS (as do most mobile operating systems) have built in dialling codes that allow you to activate a number of hidden features and settings that you can use on your device. There are many reasons as to why you would want to use these codes.

One reason for me is to do some diagnostic testing in particular using the *#9900# which is a powerful tool. None of the codes I’ve highlighted in this post can cause any damage to your device, however if you don’t know what you are doing, don’t blame me if something goes wrong! πŸ™

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve tested all these codes on the Samsung Galaxy GT-I9300 running Android 4.1.2 rooted. The build version is JZO54K.I9300XXEMC2. Now let’s have a look at some of the more popular dialling codes for the Samsung Galaxy S3. These codes will only work with this mobile device. Worth remembering, your S3 doesn’t require rooting for these dialling codes to work.

Open up the phone app as you will need the dialling pad to input these codes:

*#06# – Displays your device IMEI number
*#1234# To check Software and Hardware information, PDA, CSC, MODEM (Firmware Version)
Note: If you use SuperSU you will be taken to the apps screen, just TAP the back button

*#2222# H/W Version – enters ServiceMode
*#0011# Displays status information for the GSM network you are using i.e. HSPA
*#232338# WLAN MAC Address – you can also enable or disable power saving mode from here too
*#7353# Quick Test Menu – you have 12 options including testing Melody; Vibration; Speaker; Dimming; Camera; VT Camera; Bluetooth; TSP Dot Mode; TSP Grid Mode; Accelerometer Sensor; Proximity Sensor and Light Sensor
*#0782# – real-time clock test – tap back button to exit
*#9900# – Allows you to collect system dump data – you can run dump state/logcat/modem.log; delete dumper state/logcat; run dump state/logcat; copy kernel log to SD card; run CP based log; run Forced CP crash dump; copy to SD card/include CP RamDump; Debug Level Disabled/LOW; Low battery dump – Off; Silent Log – Off; TCP DUMP START; Enable SecLog (currently disabled); Exit

Note: If you use SuperSU it will prompt you to grant superuser access

There are many websites that present these codes, but I found many posters just copied and pasted without testing them. I have tested all of the above and know they work on the Samsung S3 International version. if any of you have tested other codes that might be useful to our readers, please let me know.

Safe surfing folks!

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86 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 secret dialling codes

  1. quasim says:

    Hi. I would like to know if you can help me. I run the code *#9900# and clicked on silent log off. now for some reason the icon in the task bar is come on permanent. how do I get rid of it. I tried all possible ways. Please help. Mobile no [removed for privacy reasons].

    • Julian says:

      #quasim# Apologies your comment ended up in my spam folder πŸ™ I don’t see the icon in the task bar. What S3 version (model variant) are you using? The reason I ask is that not all the USSD codes will work on all models. πŸ™

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi Julian, I happen to have a Galaxy Note II running on verizon, and I just dont seem to be able to use any of these dialing codes…. any idea how we might get around that?

    • Julian says:

      #Ryan# The codes were all only tested on an S3 International version GT-I9300. USSD codes are model specific (but not always). As you are using a Note that is why they do not work. πŸ™

  3. guillermo carril says:

    Is it good when the low Battery dump is Off?. Is it best in On?. Thanks

    • Julian says:

      #guillermo carril# I’ve not ran a battery test. If you are (or have done), then please share your feedbacks. πŸ™‚

  4. sunsri says:

    TCP DUMP START prompts me for a OTP Authentication? the key changes everytime, what is the magic code to enter?

  5. caydaruus says:

    Hi. I would like to know if you can help me. I run the code *#9900# and clicked on silent log off. now for some reason the icon in the task bar is come on permanent. how do I get rid of it. I tried all possible ways. Please help. Mobile no [removed for privacy reasons].

  6. Muhammad Faisal says:

    i’m using samsung galaxy S3 i9300.

    Kindly, inform me how do i know the usage of cell phone means total number of messages sent/received as well as the total time usage if reset to 0 via GUI mode. If anyone knows the secret code to get required detail please let me know.

  7. Eshetu says:

    Dear sir,
    On my Galaxy III GT-I9300 the Messaging built in application is not disabled.
    But, I am unable to send and receive message. Please advise how to fix this problem (it says unfortunately, messaging has stopped


    • Julian says:

      #Eshetu# Have you got a recent backup prior to this problem? If so, my suggestion is to factory reset your Galaxy III and restore your backup copy.

  8. Hassan Hussain says:

    Can you explain to me what low battery dump is thankyou

  9. mary says:

    Hi i used *#9900# and i don’t know what any of them means can you explain all of them please

    • Julian says:

      #mary# They are mobile device specific secret dialling codes. All devices have these codes, but no one device is the same when it comes to whether these codes work. I tested all the codes on the S3 GT-I9300 and know they all work.

  10. Joao says:

    Hello, i seen some posts about the delete dumpstate/logcat and they say that this frees up some memory in the cellphone
    But i am quite insecure about doing it because of the trolls in the internet so could you answer my doubt?

    • Julian says:

      #Joao# I’ve not experienced issues with *#9900# on our test S3. This will delete the logs which are created when say you lose radio signal etc. These logs will build up over time and will need to be purged.

  11. adrian says:

    hi, how do i check my rtn on samsung galaxy s3? thnx

  12. Nisar Khan says:

    Hi, Im not sure if you will be able to assist with this; Im having issues with adjusting my screen brightness. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. No matter what i do its stuck on brightest setting. The USSD code *#0*# has a dimmer option. How do i trace this back to how to solve the dimmer issue on my handset?

    • Julian says:

      #Nisar Khan# Sounds like a software issue with the screen. Have you tried a factory reset to see if that fixes the problem? Before you do this, you should backup your apps, settings etc. If your device is rooted, you can backup the system as well.

  13. Petor says:

    Beste Julian, ik heb de delete dumpstate/logcat uitgevoerd om het apparaat geheugen van mijn galaxy mini S3 te vergroten, hetgeen prima gelukt is. Alleen blijft nu in boven in de display het headset teken permanent staan met de melding welke audio applicaties zijn aangesloten op het apparaat, terwijl de headset niet is aangesloten. Wat moet ik doen om deze meldingen weg te halen
    Bij voorbaat mijn erkentelijkheid.

  14. Darren says:

    Hi, Julian

    I have a issue with my Samsung galaxy GT-I9300, for some reason the android 4.3 jellybean software has messed up my IMEI, unfortunately no backup was made… what is the solution to getting back my IMEI so I can get service again please

  15. Darren says:

    thanks for getting back to me Julian. I have tried using Odin3 and no change. my JB build number is:JSS15J.I9300XXUGNJ2, I hope that’s enough information. my firmware country code is:PHN “netherland”
    thank you

  16. moh says:

    hi guys

    please help me in my s3 deplay ur fectory mode on.and dsplys some letters in can i exit from fectory mode..

    specialy i tried with es exploerer for root but i can not open efs .coz its empty as well not allow to root

  17. marcus says:

    Did the #9900# and clicked on silent log in error…. now the little green android icon wont leave my status bar…. samsung galaxy s3

  18. chris says:

    I have a problem with my mobile data. I have tried everything but the 3g symobol is not showing. Im using a Samsung S3 Neo. Can you help me?

    • Julian says:

      #chris# Who is your mobile network provider? Do you see any other symbols? i.e. G, E, H or 2G. Try removing/then inserting your SIM with the phone off. You can also clean the SIM card contacts with a rubber eraser (use lightly).

  19. ahmad says:

    i am using samsung galaxy S3 Lte GT-19305
    kindly i need help, i didnt know debug level but i used 3 4 times this option now my mobile running so slow,
    can you please give me some information about debug level and in this section there is 3 options (high, mid, low) whats this options doing?

  20. Gwenny says:

    I too pushed on the silentlog and the way I got rid of it was pull down the top menu and hold my finger on the silentlog pic and clicked on app info and then pushed on force stop and now the icon has gone…phew

  21. hollat says:

    I have a problem concerning my Samsung galaxy s3 when ever I on my camera to take a shot,its do write CAMERA FAIL. Please is there any code to that sir.

    • Julian says:

      #hollat# Have you tried rebooting? If your device is rooted you might be able to reinstall the camera app. Last solution involves wiping the device. πŸ™

  22. Johny Brown says:

    I need to check my galaxy S3 RTN status I tried codes given on other sites (like ##786# or adding extra stars )but it dose n’t work at all could you tell me the right code I am asking you because all the given codes on your page are working for me very fine.

    J. Brown

  23. Jader says:

    which option makes that reduces battery consumption?

  24. The only part that concerns me is that how come blogs like GSMarena & Sammobile couldn’t realize that the whole thing was a fake before they made a fire… assured Galaxy S3 is getting KitKat.

  25. Linda says:

    I have done the *#9900# and selected “Delete dumpstate/logcat”. Pop up Delete Dump! OK. Nothing happens. How many times do I need to do it?

    • Julian says:

      #Linda# Is you device an S3 GT I9300 and what version of Android are you running? If not, this Samsung specific MMI code might not work.

  26. shakir says:

    My Samsung galaxy s3 model html 1900 doesn’t have network mode? Please help me

  27. Sir can you help me get rid of this vibrating feature in my gt-s5300. it is always vibrating,this starts when i updated my phone

    • Julian says:

      #roxan colansi# Did you back up your Samsung with Kies? If yes you can hard reset your device. Press and hold Volume up/down rocker buttons > Press Power until the device vibrates > Wait for Android logo to appear and release the buttons > Select Wipe data/Factory reset with Volume Down, press Power > Select Yes – delete all user data with Volume Down and press Power.

  28. Josphat says:

    my samsung galaxy pocket gt 5300,when i dial *#9900# it has no option to delete,i copy to sd then i go to my files where i delete those files.problem is that they build again within 3 i doing it wrongly?

  29. daniel says:

    pls am using a kernel version of Samsung s3 gt19300 how can ii change it from GPRS setting to 3g services

  30. hamdi says:

    Hi. for some reason the icon in the tool is come and i cant hear or send avice call alghth ther no problem at whatsap anad other call .I would like your help . I run the code *#9900# and clicked on silent off. with out result. I tried all possible ways. Please help.

  31. Abbax says:

    Can anyone tell me the RTN checking code of S3? and Note 1 ?

  32. Elish Ringel says:

    Finally codes for gs3 international version ! Question : What is the code for usb menu (modem/uart/mass storage) ? It must be ##0808. However when I put that in it seems like an authentic code because the numbers dissappear, but no menu shows up ! What do I do ?

  33. Adhikary Michael says:

    I live in Bangladesh. I have a galaxy s3 smartphone (koriean version). My phone can not able to run any ussd code. Can you help me to slove this problem. Have you any advice or suggestion. Please reply me as soon as possible. Waiting for your reply.

  34. vijeth B Reddy says:

    How to corrept to samsung galaxy s3 neo bum using ussd codes

  35. Abegail says:

    I’m trying to enter any of these codes to my GT-I9300 but as long I enter the complete code the dial box clears up? What can be the problem?

  36. talha says:

    How could I check the refurbished status of note3 and s5 official. Using just code not any launcher

  37. bibek says:

    How to root samsusung galaxy ace 4 lte

  38. Nikhil says:

    Through *#9900# these codes am changing debug level low to medium. Is there any problem with that?

  39. sreenath s says:

    when used *#9900# sysdump opens,
    in which CP Debugging popup UI : disabled.
    how can we enable this.
    because when i use *#0808# no window was opening.
    for repairing my imei no want to change the usb to RNDIS DM Modem mode.

  40. Benjamin H says:

    *#0782# does not work

  41. chimwemwe says:

    julian please help my samsung GT-I9300 just started asking me to provide sim network unlock code

    • Julian says:

      #chimwemwe# Have you attempted a hard reset? Turn off your cell phone. Press and hold Volume Up button + Home button and then press Power. In Factory reset menu use Volume Down key to select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option and press Power to confirm the operation. Make sure you backup your Samsung device before doing this.

  42. mazin# says:

    quasim & caydaruus , i read ur quires about silent log . i tell u how can u get rid of it .. scroll down the home page , the silent log icon will appear , keep pressing on it till u notified by an info about the app , click on this option , then it will guide u to a new page concerning the action about the application , so from there u can stop it ..
    do excuse me for my humble English language

  43. Angelique says:

    HellO Julian
    My galaxy S3 is getting very very slow and blocks for 3 times per day while the total occupied space is less than 50% and the space from APPs is 1.4GB. which code I need to dial?

  44. maslin says:

    Hy I’m having problem in my s3 mini,
    CP silentreset
    Is showing in the display
    What can I do..?

  45. Mina says:

    If are still checking and replying to comments I am also curious about what the “low battery dump” option actually does. Seen it recommended to turn on if are having battery charging issues but am struggling to find what is happening behind the scenes. What is the purpose of “low battery dump”?

    I turned the feature on since this past week noticed my samsung galaxy s4 was having unusually hard time charging. I also cleared the cache and noticed in Ampere that the charging mah increased from 340 to as much as 1100 which I think is good news but am curious about the logistics behind what happened. Thank you if were able to take the opportunity to read this and reply.

  46. hamza says:

    Hi hey UDC START problem Odin help me please

  47. mohit Kumar says:

    Hellow sir, my Samsung gt 19300 phone’s brightness is not increasing or decreasing while everything is fine in the phone. I think it is software problem. so please tell me what can I do?

  48. Pouria says:

    Please explain what run dumpstate/logcat and delete dumpstate ?

  49. Ali says:

    Dear all
    I have sprint Note 5(N920P),the cp logging option is not encluded in recovery mode.So need help how to enable it, in order to get into
    DM(DIAG MODE)to activate any required option.your help would be highly appreciated. TKS

  50. jason wharton says:

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 and when i input the *#9900# it does not open the sysdump and i have no clue how to fix the slow charging if i cant access that menu.

  51. feisal says:

    Sorry ma s3 GT-19300 I dont know how to ficx my USB MTP MANU is there any secrete code to solve this problem

  52. Zar Ni Oo says:

    Hi, If you can help.
    I run the code *#9900# and i clicked
    DEBUG LEVEL ENABLED/HIGHT,i choice hight.Now my phone has some error,
    My phone is alway vibration
    One time vibration coming and tow time vibration coming.2min 3min like that vibration.Please help me,how to do this error.
    Galaxy Note4
    Version 6.0.1

  53. Imran says:

    What is CP RAM LOGGING and why it is off. When i clicked that my phone restarted. What has actually happened? I don’t understand

  54. Amine says:

    why this code USSD *#34971539# doesn’t work in my galaxy phone S3 I9300

  55. Abbiliscious says:

    Pls send to ALL

    To find out if your phone is being tapped dial the following 5 characters


    It will reveal your IMEI number.
    If that number has a forward slash ‘/’ after it. It means your phone is being tapped. See below

    321432654123789 …GOOD/UNTAPPED


    ANY of these means your phone is being tapped!

    I just checked mine and noticed it was tapped, please what do l do? Or how does one rectify it?😯

  56. Areeba says:

    Plz help me i use moble samsun j7 yestrday i was just dial a code *#9900# and all options shows on my moble i click first one dumpstate and after that my mobile automaticaly switch off and switch on continusly with in half secnd plz tell me what can i do????? I need help how can i reset my fone?????

  57. Surya says:

    Hy bro my phone is s3 neo 3g what the code is convert to 4g

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