How to remotely security wipe data on BlackBerry Z10

Blackberry Z10In the event you lose your BlackBerry Z10 device you can remotely delete the data using Blackberry Protect. On legacy Blackberry devices (i.e. those running older versions), you could choose what to delete such as data, but not apps. The Z10 deletes everything on the device, including the SD card, but only if you use BlackBerry Protect.

BlackBerry offers a secure data wiping function remotely as well as via the homescreen (see last paragraph). The Z10 deletes all the data on the device, including data, files and apps (you can recover your apps from BlackBerry World later) by writing zeros in one pass – this conforms to the DoD and NIST standards, so is very secure. The secure wipe will also wipe any data stored on the Micro SD card if you use BlackBerry Protect*. When the remote secure wipe is complete the Z10 will reboot to the initial Setup Wizard, so your data is never exposed – you just don’t have your Z10.

*If you have encrypted data on your SD card, then this data will become inaccessible if the device is wiped from the homescreen. To recover data from your SD card you will need to firstly decrypt the data.

Security wiping a device can take some time (usually minutes), and the wiping process should never be interrupted, if it is then the device could become inoperable. No problem if you have lost it or had it stolen. To setup BlackBerry Protect, you must be connected to a wireless network:

  • On the home screen, swipe down from the top screen
  • Tap the sprocket icon Settings > BlackBerry Protect
  • Set up the BlackBerry Protect switch to > On
  • To be able to view the current location of your device on the bing map, tap > Location Settings and then set the Location Services switch to > On

How to remotely wipe your Z10 using BlackBerry Protect

  • Log in to the BlackBerry Protect website using a separate computer, tablet or mobile (use your BlackBerry ID and password)
  • If necessary, click the arrow icon beside the device picture to select the lost device
  • Click Wipe Device > Wipe Device

You can also secure wipe your Z10 data from the homescreen. There are many instances of why you might want to do this i.e. you want to setup a new BlackBerry ID, as currently you cannot sign out of the Z10 and sign in with another account.

To use secure wipe from the homescreen you have two options:

  • Navigate: Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Security Wipe
  • Using Search: Tap the Universal Search icon and start typing wipe. Security Wipe will appear as a search result and you can tap into it
  • Note: If you decide to wipe your Z10 from the homescreen then you will also have to type the word “blackberry” in the field to confirm secure wipe

To learn more information about Blackberry Protect I suggest you visit this website

Safe surfing folks!

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