Chrome 26 for Android improves security and privacy

wpid-chrome_logo_big3-150x150-2012-02-1-11-30.jpgGoogle Chrome for Android version 26 introduces the ability to sync passwords and auto-fill data from a a desktop browser. We’ve been testing the beta version of this release for some weeks now. There are occasions when a blank page could be displayed instead of the requested URL, this has now been fixed. We’ve also noticed that the browser is quicker!

One of our favourite features in Chrome (this is applicable to all platforms) has always been  the simple way in which, once you are signed in to Google, you can sync your browser tabs, history  and bookmarks and omnibox data from your computer to your smartphone.  Anyway, here is the official update information from Google Play.

On your Android mobile: Press and hold the link: then tap ‘Open With Play Store App’ to download from Google Play Store.

Here is the updates to this version of Google Chrome for Android:

  • Password and autofill sync. Access saved desktop passwords and autofill entries from your Android device
  • Fix for blank page loads in some instances
  • Several stability improvements

This version of Chrome does request two new permissions – Camera and Modify Audio Settings, which supports WebRTC, an experimental feature under development right now by the Google Chrome team since version 23.

WebRTC has in fact been used by the team at Mozilla, Google and Opera for some time now – it was first released by Mozilla in Firefox 18.0. What is WebRTC? WebRTC is a real-time communication (using JavaScript APIs and HTML 5) for sound and video between browser, which works a bit like peer-to-peer. One possible use of this technology is a user clicking on link to buy something and a video window opens and a real person will be visible to talk to you about that service or product link you clicked on.

Safe surfing folks!

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