Protect your digital life with Windows Phone 8 Wallet

windows 8_logoWindows Phone 8 allows you to store a lot of digital things you would normally keep in your pocket, such as credit or debit cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and vouchers. You can also keep tabs of your card balances and transactions, set up payment cards for purchasing apps and games, browse for local deals and more.

For the benefit of my readers, I’ve tested Wallet on my Nokia Lumia 920. It’s a well engineered device and the operating system isn’t half bad too! If you are have an iPhone and are running iOS 6.0 or above you might have something similar to Wallet called Passbook, but not quite as good or integrated. Anyway, I’ll be reviewing Passbook in due course. Now back to Wallet.

To be able to use Wallet make sure you have a Microsoft account, otherwise you will not be able to use it and find other apps to link with that can provide additional on that card or account. Secondly you will need to set up a PIN for the Wallet.

How to setup a PIN for Wallet to protect your digital life

  • Open up Wallet or search for “Wallet”
  • Tap the contextual menu (…) and select > Settings+PIN
  • Tap the slider bar to switch On and select a PIN and tap done*
  • You can now select “use Wallet PIN to protect music, app and in-app purchases”

*On no account should you use the same PIN for Wallet and your phone.

Here are three ways you can use with Wallet – credit and debit cards, loyalty/ membership cards and coupons:

How to add a credit or debit card

  • In the App list , tap Wallet
  • On the All pane, tap Add, then tap Credit or debit
  • Select the Set up card for app and music purchase checkbox and tap Next
  • Enter your card details and tap Next (Your card will be added to your Microsoft account, so you can buy, apps, games, music and more). Your Windows Phone will now search for an app from your bank (or card issuer) that’s compatible with Wallet for Windows Phone

Note: If your Windows Phone cannot find a banking app, this will not be a problem as your card would have already been saved to your Wallet and can be used for app and music purchases. You can search for a compatible app with Search for app at a later date. Also, NFC transactions may not be available in your region (as this is carrier and bank dependent).

Did you know? Lookout for the ‘MasterCard PayPass’ symbol on Chip & Pin devices – this means NFC payment is supported. Several of my cards support this feature and I’ve used it on a few occasions with some interesting glances from the cashiers!

How to add a loyalty or membership card

  • In the App list, tap Wallet
  • On the All pane, tap Add, the tap Other
  • Your phone will now search for available apps that are compatible with Wallet
  • If you find an app, tap it and follow the instructions to install and set up your card
  • If you don’t find an app, and you still want to continue, you can tap Add your card manually

How to add a coupon

  • In the App list, tap Wallet
  • On the Deals pane, tap Add, then do one of the following:
  • Search for vouchers by tapping Find deals and when you find a voucher you like Save for later
  • You can also add a voucher manually by tapping Add deal info

How to delete a card or coupon

  • In the App list, tap Wallet
  • Find the item you would like to delete, tap and hold it, tap Delete, then tap Yes

Note: In some instances you might have to go online to delete card. This might happen when you see the message saying “Additional action required”.

Lastly, I wanted to point out something parents should be aware of regarding in-app purchasing and Kid’s Corner. By default you cannot make any Windows Phone Store purchases from Kid’s Corner. That said, if you set up a Wallet PIN on your phone, your child would be able to make in-app purchases (such as game points or levels) from Kid’s Corner if they know your Wallet PIN. Don’t let your children ever know your Wallet PIN, otherwise you might end up with some serious ‘bill shock’!

Safe surfing folks!

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