Never lose your Samsung Galaxy S3 with SamsungDive

SamsungS3Your mobile contains of lot of valuable data including personal information which you would not want to fall into the wrong hands. Samsung has developed a FREE cloud-based service (which uses the Samsung native browser) called SamsungDive which allows you to remotely lock and wipe your Samsung Galaxy device (which is applicable to the entire Galaxy range).

You can also use this service to track and locate your mobile – a map (Google Maps) is presented which shows your device’s approximate cell site and or Wi-Fi location. Note: The SamsungDive service requires your device to be connected to a mobile phone and or Wi-Fi network.

Before you can use the SamsungDive service you will need a Samsung account*:

  • Pull down the notification bar (one finger)
  • Click the > Settings sprocket
  • Scroll down to > Accounts
  • Select > Add account and choose > Samsung account

*You may already have a Samsung registered account when you first loaded up your Samsung Galaxy S3. If you do all you need to do is log in with your email address and password.

To access SamsungDive, you have two options to choose from:

Upon signing in on your S3 you will be presented with the following options:
Note: You can see the last request (when you last used the function) for each for each of the functions below:

  • Find my mobile – this will allow you to find the location of your device. Tap > Find my mobile and you will be presented with map data from Google. It is very fast and accurate at locating your device
  • Lock my mobile – you can set up an “Unlock PIN” to unlock your mobile. The PIN must be 4 digits (One issue I found was that when you type a number in the box it doesn’t automatically move to to the next box) This is a temporary number that is only used by the SamsungDive service
  • Ring my mobile – you can remotely ring the bell on your S3 for 1 minute
  • Call / Message Forwarding – in the event you lose your mobile you can forward voice calls and messages of your S3 to another mobile. You will need to enter the International prefix code as well as your mobile number. Tap “Execute forwarding” to activate
  • Call logs – this function allows you to retrieve one weeks worth of call logs. Beware though, this could mean you experience additional call charges for retrieving the data – known as bill shock!
  • Wipe out my mobile – this feature will wipe all the data stored on your S3. You can select to wipe both the external memory (SD card) and or SIM card. If no external memory is present, wiping the external memory will of course not work. Alternatively you can choose a > Factory Data Reset (except for removable storage devices). All the data saved on your S3 will be deleted and reset back to factory defaults. Enter your SamsungDive password and the Tap > Wipe out. Note: Factory Data Reset stops you from wiping the external memory and SIM card using the SamsungDive service
  • Unlock My Screen – If your S3 is screen locked you can remotely unlock it by tapping > Unlock

SamsungDive isn’t that easy to find on Galaxy handsets, hence this post. It isn’t unique either as there are many apps on the Play Store (including Mobile Security apps) that have these (and more) types of features. In my opinion test this out and then pay a visit over to the Play Store and download NQ Mobile Security which also provides a remote lock and wipe capability.

Safe surfing folks!

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