Mozilla Firefox 18 browser now with improved security

Firefox_androidMozilla launched Firefox 18 earlier this week. This version promised to be faster (25% boost) and more secure than any previous versions. Mozilla has fixed 21 security issues. There are in fact nearly 3000 bugs that have been fixed!

The major security improvement in Firefox 18 is the use of a new JavaScript engine known as IonMonkey, which claims to be some 25% faster than the previous version. TraceMonkey and newer JagerMonkey, both had direct translation from JavaScript to machine code, but there was no middle step. In other words, no way for the compilers to take a step back, look at the translation results, and optimise these still further.

IonMonkey is a completely new architecture that allows Mozilla to do just that. It uses three steps which involves translating JavaScript to an intermediate representation (IR); run various algorithms to optimise the IR and translate the final IR to machine code.

If you already use Firefox, your version should automatically update. You can also manually update as follows:

  • Go to the menu bar and click the Firefox menu and select > About Firefox
  • The > About Firefox windows will open and Firefox will begin checking for updates. If updates are available, they will begin downloading automatically. If Firefox is already up to date, just close the About Firefox windows
  • When the updates are downloaded and ready to be installed, click > Restart to Update. Firefox will be restarted and the updates will be installed

Download Mozilla Firefox latest version

The above update is also included in Firefox Browser for Android and also includes integration with Google Now search widget (which is a favourite tool of mine). The Android version also includes a new warning system for users who might visit a malicious website.

Download Firefox Browser for Android latest version

Safe surfing folks!

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