Samsung rolling out Galaxy S3 4.1.2 firmware update

SamsungS3Samsung commenced with rolling out their ‘Premium Suite’ upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in mid-December. I received this upgrade (Build number JZO54K.I9300XXELL4) this morning in the UK, which suggested that unlocked S3 devices (LTE would have been first) were last on the upgrade list for Europe. Not sure right now whether the US has received this update – let me know!

The update brings performance improvements to those devices running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. One cool feature I really do like is multi-view. This allows you to open/view two apps at the same time. This split screen view only works on supported apps but also works in ‘Screen rotation’ mode. One thing I did notice was when in multi-view Task Manager still shows the individual apps loaded, so if you do need to kill a multi-view app you can still do this from here, just as before.

How to access multi-view on the Samsung Galaxy S3 running this firmware update:

  • Press and hold the > BACK button – you should now see a vertical multi-view bar on the left
  • Multi-view lists supported apps – Tap one App – I used ‘Facebook’ then hold and drag another app ‘Gallery’ on top of ‘Facebook’
  • Multi-view will disappear after a few seconds – you should see a light blue half circle icon – you can tap or drag this to open/close multi-view any time to access further apps
  • You can also adjust the amount of screen each app uses – tap and hold the line separator which sits in between each app and move either up or down. Two icons shown also allow you to either flip apps (top/botton or left/right) or exit multi-view mode
  • To completely exit multi-view mode press and hold the > BACK button

I’ve reviewed the Samsung release notes, but I’ve been unable to find out whether Samsung had fixed the Exynos 4 chip vulnerability (discovered by alephzain on XDA Developers earlier in December) which could allow malware to extract data from the S3 RAM or inject malicious code directly into the kernel. 

Safe surfing folks!

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2 Responses to Samsung rolling out Galaxy S3 4.1.2 firmware update

  1. rachel says:

    Hi julian..
    I would like to know.. by adjusting the multi view screen size, can one actually reduce the size of one of the two screens such that u can’t get it back? Cause I did that last night.. forgot about it and today when I tried multi viewing, I can’t. When I select internet from the left pull out area, for instance, the internet appears over the entire screen. Not sure of the feature is fully working or if its the above mentioned adjustment.. please advise (:

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