Manage your Facebook Privacy and Sharing settings

Facebook 150x150 logoFacebook has started to rollout its updated privacy and sharing settings, which they hope will allow users to have much greater control over the content they publish. Facebook which has had some legacy problems with privacy over the past few years, is wanting users to understand more about how they can control their information.

Facebook is not unique when it comes to struggling to get it’s user base to fully understand and interact with controlling their privacy. One possible reason for lack of privacy awareness is that it’s users don’t actually care because they want the world to see how important and popular they are. This isn’t actually that new to human nature! So what changes are Facebook making?

Facebook is making three significant changes

1. Privacy Shortcuts – this is a new option which will allow users to access their Privacy control from whatever page they are on:

How to use Privacy Shortcuts

  • Click on the lock icon (which is next to the sprocket) next to the Home button
  • A drop down will appear > Privacy Shortcuts > which will list > Who can see my stuff?; Who can contact me?; Who can contact me?; and, How do I stop someone from bothering me?
  • You also have the option of clicking on > See All Settings and accessing the Help Center

2. In-product education – when you post content or photos, Facebook will explain where it will appear and remind users that while a post may be hidden from their own timelines, it will also appear in search, news feeds and other places on Facebook.

3. Request and removal tool – this allows users to go to a tab and select multiple photos and untag them on that specific page. The users can also send a direct message to that person who tagged them asking them to remove the tags – whether that person will remove them is another thing altogether. See below on how to do this.

How to manage Photos of You tagging

  • Click > ‘Photos of You’ tab and select > multiple photos
  • You will then see a pop up > What would you like to happen?
  • You can choose from > I want the photos untagged or I want the photos untagged and taken down

NOTE: Untagging photos will not appear in your timeline, photos however will appear in in search, news feeds and other places on Facebook.

NOTE: Facebook should really be applying a ‘block tags from everyone’ – not sure if this will ever happen though 🙁

What is concerning right now, is that Facebook is removing the ‘Who can look up my timelines by name’ – you could type in your name in the search bar to see if your name appeared in Facebook search. How many people used this? Facebook will know. Maybe they are planning to launch a search engine next year?

Outside of the significant change mentioned above, you will also now see ‘In-context notices’ Timeline, which will alert you if content you shoot to hide from your Facebook Timelines still appears in news feeds, searches and other places.

If you use Facebook apps, these will now require you to Okay two separate permissions – ‘<App name> would like to post to your friends on your behalf”. and ‘App name”would like to access your public profile (?), friend list and email address.’

Lastly, Facebook is also refreshing the Activity Log which I aim to cover in more detail in the next week or so.

Safe surfing folks!

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  1. muhammedsaifu says:

    how can i change my mobile number in fb? because while i try to activate through mobile i accidentally entered the wrong fb ask me to enter the confirmation code which they send to that number to enter in my account

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