How to update Windows 8 from the Metro Interface

For those of you who have recently purchased Windows 8, you probably would have noticed the default “Metro-style apps” referred to as the ‘Metro Interface”. Having reviewed the Windows 8 Developer Preview version, it’s clear to me that Metro will confuse people, especially given the missing START button, which most Windows users have been used too.

Some of you may have read articles on line that claim Metro and Desktop apps don’t communicate with each other, to some extent this is actually the case. Looking into this issue, isn’t the purpose of this post, however if you use the Metro UI, you might wonder how you go about finding where you go to update Windows 8. In fact, it’s a quicker way to update than through the customary Windows Desktop. 🙂 Here is how:

  • Move mouse pointer down to the bottom right corner of your screen (-) and move up
  • Click > Settings icon (sprocket)
  • Click > More PC Settings
  • You should now see PC Settings – look for and click > Windows Update (bottom of list)
  • You should now be presented with the Windows Update option – click > Check for updates and/or
  • Click > x important updates are scheduled to be installed – window opens* and click > Install (x being the number of updates)
  • Your Windows 8 updates will now commence installation

*The window will list the updates by name and KB reference (as in previous Windows versions)

Remember, you can also choose which important updates to install, however this has to be done from the Control Panel. In most instances you shouldn’t need to do this. Where you might, is when for example you find a known issue with an update and don’t actually want to install it.

Safe surfing folks!

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