Encrypt Windows 8 flash drives with BitLocker To Go

Windows BitLocker To Go is currently available on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise will now also include the option of backing up the encryption key of BitLocker To Go to a SkyDrive Account. BitLocker To Go protects portable storage devices like your USB flash drive and hard drive from prying eyes.

How to encrypt BitLocker To Go using a USB flash drive

  • Click > Start > Search “bitlocker”
  • Connect your unreadable hard drive or USB flash drive (close AutoPlay)
  • Open Start Menu > click > Computer button > right click on your USB drive letter
  • Click > Turn on BitLocker
  • Check > Use a password to unlock the drive – check your password is strong –  then click > Next
  • Click > Save the recovery key to file option > save file to your desktop (not encrypted drive)
  • **IMPORTANT** Click > Print the recovery key option for added assurance > click Next
  • Click > Start Encrypting (BitLocker will now start encrypting the drive – this may take some time)
  • When you see prompt “Encryption of x: is complete” click > Close

Managing BitLocker

  • Click > Start > Control Panel – you should now see > Manage BitLocker option
  • Click > Manage BitLocker – and select options to manage from:
  • Change password to unlock the drive
  • Remove password from this drive
  • Add a smart card to unlock the drive
  • Save or print recovery key again
  • Automatically unlock this drive on this computer
  • The USB drive is now encrypted with BitLocker To Go turned on
  • TIP: Don’t forget you can also back up your encryption key to a SkyDrive Account

How to to decrypt BitLocker To Go USB flash drive

  • Connect removable USB drive and type in your password and click > Unlock
  • Open Control Panel (see Managing BitLocker above) and click > BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • Click > Turn off BitLocker associated to the letter for the removable USB flash drive
  • Next click > Decrypt Drive – BitLocker will now start decrypting the USB flash drive
  • When you see prompt “Decryption of x: is complete” click > Close
  • Go to the Control Panel (see Manage BitLocker above) and check so see that > Turn On BitLocker option is shown

For the techies among you, it’s worth noting that BitLocker will turn on your computer’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip, which is a microchip that enables your computer to utilise advanced security features. Clever stuff indeed.

Safe surfing folks!

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