Why Apple should integrate NQ Mobile Vault into iOS

NQ Mobile Vault creates an encrypted, passcode (not password) protected space on your iOS device. The vault stores only photos and videos on your iPhone or iPod Touch devices. This is partly due to limitations of the iOS API. The Android NQ Mobile Vault app lets you store texts, call history and other services on Android, but this is in mainly due to the open source nature of Android.

That said it would be interesting to see if NQ Mobile could find a way of working with Apple on making this happen for iOS. Now let us take a look at how you use NQ Mobile Vault. On opening NQ Mobile Vault, you will need to create your Vault passcode, so don’t forget it, otherwise you will permanently lose all your photos and videos. You should now see three icons at the bottom of the screen > Home > Camera > Dashboard.

Click on Dashboard – these are the freemium options:

  • TAP  > Still visible media to view what media files (pictures and video) needs to be deleted – this scan only be done manually though
  • TAP  > Import recent media to view your library of pictures and videos and decide which you want to hide. Again this is a manual process. Again the limitations of iOS has yet again contributed to adding hassle to hiding your treasured media files as well as the above 🙁

That isn’t it folks. There are also some useful premium features which do work well and in particular SecureCam.

  • SecureCam is very cool though and my favourite feature. This disguises Vault as a simple camera app and is unique to iOS right now. Point your camera at a solid surface or the palm of your hand in order to pull up the Vault keypad – you can then enter your passcode to access your Vault – it also has a fun element to it
  • Break-in Monitor is very simple and a useful feature but lacks facial recognition and or eye tracking technology to be truly useful. Enable this and your front-facing camera will take a picture anytime an incorrect Vault passcode is entered. The photo is stored in Vault, so next time you login you can see the break-in attempt.
  • Fake Vault is probably my second favourite feature. You can create multiple vaults incase someone demands you to open up a vault to see what you are hiding. This same approach (called Hidden TrueCrypt Volume) is also used in the popular TrueCrypt for Windows and Macs which also creates encrypted (vaulted) volumes

This is a very useful encryption and privacy app. Given most people who download apps these days like to spend as little as possible (i.e. 69 pence*updated 9th Oct) this app might prove a little pricey at £1.49 (at time of writing*updated 9th Oct) for all three premium features or $1.99 per feature. That said it is a one off charge, and with regular improvements expected (as well as the cool SecureCam feature), will be worth your investment.

Safe surfing folks!

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