Facebook Timeline will be compulsory from August 8

Facebook users will now be forced into using Timeline from August 8th. From the point when a user clicks ‘get Timeline’, they will still have seven days to play around with their new profile. This clock will depend on the rollout and when they log in. I first reported on Timeline and in particular it’s useful privacy features back in December. Note: Timeline will not change your current privacy settings.

What is Facebook Timeline? Your timeline is your collection of the photos, stories, and experiences that tell your story. You will be able to add a cover; edit your basic info; jump to the past; view your activity log; see highlights from each month; star stories you want to highlight; add life events; update your status; view and add photos and share your app activity. Let us now take a look at the Timeline Activity Log.

Timeline Activity Log

One feature that really interested me was ‘view your activity log’. This allows you to easily control/manage your Timeline on a month by month basis (including history) – a very useful feature. You can adjust the privacy of your posts, and see settings for posts created by your friends. Additionally and most important for me was the ability (and much easier than before) to hide, allow or feature a story on my timeline.

Useful privacy feature: If you want to limit who sees your Timeline (see note below), you can do so by doing the following:

  • Go to Privacy settings
  • Look for ‘Limit the Audience for Past Posts’ – click ‘Manage Past Post Visibility’
  • Click ‘Limit Old Posts’
  • Note: Content you have shared with friends of friends or Public will now change to friends.

First impressions of Timeline are, I can see some people really taking to this but alas there will be the obvious privacy concerns for others. My suggestion given Timeline goes right back to when you first posted (and the new layout will make people even more inquisitive), is to remove any stories/posts you don’t want people to see before you publish your Timeline (you will have 7 days to make sure everything is in order). If you don’t like Timeline I’d suggest you permanently delete your Facebook account right away (see earlier comment on moving to Timeline). Timeline goes way back to when you first joined Facebook, so be patient and check/delete every post and story – you don’t want anything to come back to haunt you. TIP: Facebook Report Abuse or Policy Violations

Safe surfing folks!

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