Android Flash Player available in UK on Play Store

After my post below yesterday (good timing by me you might say :)) Adobe announced that it was returning the Android Flash Player to only the UK Google Play Store. There has been some pressure from UK strategic partners here in the UK namely the BBC, which said that removing Flash Player would cause performance problems for its BBC iPlayer Android application.

It is well known that the BBC and others might be working on alternative video player that will allow TV content to be made available across different mobile platforms. Adobe has stated that no date has been set for when the Flash Player will now be removed from Google Play Store.

Adobe are informing those who decide to download the Flash Player, that it is still no longer going to be updated. Also, just to reiterate from yesterday’s post, that Flash Player is only certified to work with Android Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.x and does not work with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.x.

I would also like to reiterate my message from yesterday again: “I therefore recommend that users DELETE Flash Player right now (see bootnote). A quick glance at the comments under Adobe Flash Player 11 on the Play Store you begin to hear about YouTube and videos not working in native and Chrome browsers. I’ve experienced this too. Regardless of the user problems mentioned above, it is still unwise to continue using Flash Player, given Adobe is no longer supporting it.”

Safe surfing folks!

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