Debit card photo sharing on Twitter and Instagram

A Twitter account @NeedADebitCard was set up about a month ago to raise awareness of the dangers of sharing debit and credit card photos and it has attracted in excess of 9,000 followers to date. The cards show the names, card numbers, expiration dates and in some cases the CVV code, which is on the back of the card.

@NeedADebitCard is raising awareness about the dangers of card fraud (not identity fraud as such) by retweeting Twitter messages with links to debit/credit card images. The
account clearly states that they want people to “Please quit posting pictures of your
debit cards, people”. Although this account highlights the problem of people being very
open, I have seen people posting pictures of cards before including store cards. Instagram
provides a platform for people to share their photos, so be extra careful and don’t post
photos of your debit, credit or store cards!

Outside of the UK, many countries, including the US don’t require a debit/credit CVV code which can be found on the back of the cards. It’s very easy for a criminal to use your
card online and purchase goods and services in your good name. For those that believe
Chip & Pin is 100% safe, you are being mislead – it isn’t! Card fraud abroad, which
involves using stolen/cloned cards, allows fraudsters to use your cards in many developed nations without ever knowing the CVV code.

Instagram is also taking action by deleting images of credit and debit cards. Beware
though, TwitPic, YFrog and other image services are still exposing those that choose to
post pictures of their cards.

Safe surfing folks!

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