OS X Mountain Lion automatic security update feature

Maybe Apple has realised that Macs can get malware and viruses after all. They’ve recently made a small change to their marketing webpage – gone are a Mac “doesn’t get PC viruses” and in its place we now have “Its built to be safe”.

So with the above in mind I thought I would take a peek at the Developer Preview of OS X Mountain Lion this week to see if the marketing strap line might have been a reaction to some security improvements. Well I wasn’t disappointed as I happened to notice the automatic security check feature. This new feature means Apple’s latest OS X will now either contact Apple’s servers on a daily basis or every time the Mac is started to download and automatically install the security updates, which means Mac users will always have the latest security updates/patches.

Update 25th July: This automatic security update feature is called “OS X Security Update Test 1.0”. Microsoft has been using automatic updates for quite some time now with Windows. Maybe Apple has recognized the Mac malware threat?

The automatic security update check has most likely come about from the media coverage of the Flashback Trojan and the Mac botnet (malicious payload network) it managed to build. In addition to the automatic security update feature, Apple is also pushing Gatekeeper and the Developer ID programme.

Safe surfing folks!

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