Google+ mobile app ‘Share’ synchronise issue

It’s been a great week so far at Google I/O with the announcement of the Nexus Q, 7 and Galaxy products running Jelly Bean. Google also announced an update to their Google+ mobile app along with Tablet Optimization, Events with History API (think Facebook Timeline here) and Party Mode. which lets people share photos and videos during the event. So what is Party Mode?

Here’s what happens with Party Mode — when the event starts, you’ll get a notice asking if you want to turn on Party Mode. If you turn Party Mode on, any photos or videos you take will automatically be shared on the event page. Party Mode doesn’t just upload photos — it also shares them with everyone at the, well, party.Once the party/event is over, Google+ will also send out notices to everyone who attended, reminding them to share photos and videos of the event with the group.

What about the History API? According to Google, Google+ History will let users post past statuses, updates, and pictures from other social networks to their Google+ feed. These posts will be displayed in tiles called “moments,” which are similar to Facebook Timeline’s Life Events. There is just one snag, and it involves the default ‘Share’ setting on the Google+ website.

We’ve been playing with the latest version of the Google+ mobile app and it appears it doesn’t synchronise your default ‘Share’ settings across multiple mobile devices! If you use the mobile and/or tablet version of Google + (on Android or iPad iOS), you may well find some of your posts have “limited” visibility. Here is what you need to do: click > Home > Share a thought > Where it says To: click (might show ‘Your circles’) and uncheck ‘Your circles’ and check ‘Public’ > click OK. You will need to do this every time you post from your mobile version of Google+. 🙁

Safe surfing folks!

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