Facebook now lets you edit your comments

Have you ever typed a comment on the Facebook website (see bootnote) and regretted typing it? Until now, the only option you had was to copy and paste the comment into a text file to edit before deleting the comment. You could then paste the edited comment text back into comments on Facebook. The downside of this was it was a laborious job.

Last night (21st June) Facebook now allows users to edit comments. All you have to do is hover over the right corner of your comment and a pencil icon (see below) will appear (see below), which allows you to edit or delete the comment. Note: Not all users will see this functionality right away as Facebook is gradually rolling this new feature out to all users.

In addition users will also be able to view the edit history of any comment by clicking on the “Edited” button near the timestamp. If you have mistyped a word or posted a comment you didn’t like, this new function should give you some extra piece of mind.

How to edit a comment:

  • Hover over the comment and click the pencil icon
  • Click Edit…
  • Edit your comment
  • Press enter or return to post your updated comment, or the esc to cancel

When you edit a comment, you’ll see a note under your comment showing the time it was edited. Anyone who can see your comment can see this and click on the Edited link to see what was changed.

Editing Wall posts is still missing though. Let’s hope Facebook is working on this and we see editing Wall posts very soon. If spelling and grammar is your thing then this post will definitely be worth a read. It’s also worth a read if you value your online profile and privacy. 🙂

Safe surfing folks!

Bootnote: Comment editing is NOT available right now with the Facebook mobile comments plug-in.

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