Android for Facebook app launches Code Generator

Today (June 8th) Facebook has introduced three security updates for protecting Android mobile users. First up is the Code Generator which allows the user to report unwanted content on their Android mobile device.

The Code Generator should they hope, make it easier to confirm logins made on new mobile devices, where users will be able to receive Login Approval codes through their Facebook application and via SMS.This will work with both mobile networks and/or Internet access. So how do you set up Code Generator?

You will need check “Enable Login Approvals Once”. To do this, make sure you go to Login Approvals* – this can be found in ‘Security settings’. Then you will need to click Set up Code Generator, and click the Next button in the window that pops up. This is very easy to set up, so you shouldn’t experience any issues. For further information about Code Generator.

*Make sure you are logged in to Facebook.

You will then need to download/install and access the Android for Facebook app: Click the settings button in the top left, scroll down and click Account, then click Code Generator, and select Add App. When you subsequently open the app, you need to Activate it. We’ve tested this process several times and it works every time! Good work Facebook!

The next time you want to access Facebook on a new device and cannot receive a text message, you can use Code Generator instead. Simply open your Android for Facebook app, go to the Settings button in the top left, scroll down to click Code Generator and a current code will be shown. The code refreshes every 30 seconds.

The second security update allows Android users to hide or report any inappropriate or unwanted content from Facebook’s mobile site – this is something that has been needed for some time. Finally, the third security update allows Android users to lock down their account or reset their password by using their mobile device, if you don’t have access to a desktop computer. This feature is very useful if you believe your account has been compromised.

Facebook is also working on rolling out these security features to other device platforms. We will keep you informed on when they are released.

Safe surfing folks!

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26 Responses to Android for Facebook app launches Code Generator

  1. simon dodd says:

    this is no good, when I’m out on my phone I want to know if anyone is logging into my account on my home laptop, I want to have to use my phones code generator to have to log into my laptop all the time, now that’s security. please tell me im doing this wrong

  2. Tabitha g says:

    lost old phone and number which was my only saved/ recognized device.. so how can i log into Facebook with new phone.number and.device but no access to saved devices

  3. kvnehrm says:

    I have set up code generator. I have broken my mobile device and have no other devices saved to my account. how do I sign in?

  4. I cant access my facebook or yahoo account help me plz asap

  5. I need help asap

  6. chantelle says:

    Hi im having a problrm i cant log in facebook cause i do the login approval and i cant receive the code and i lost my phone data.. And i does not have an account saved on another account! What can i do to login facebook? Please help mee as soon as you possible.. Thanks

  7. Saqib says:

    My id and password is correct but never come approval code Plz help mee

  8. amiee says:

    I cant remember Facebook pass word I called a nu

  9. I’ve been thru 20 something fones for the last 3 yrs I ve been with .Ive even hired http://www.Solution, for 349. Nothing they said it was someone out of New York City.Idk anyone their although I was Model on the in 2013…All I know is my Fon stays hacked I just hired life lock.I cannot keep a me 812-820-3670.Ty…..

  10. antwan says:

    I wish I new this generator code isn’t good I Have been trying log in. Bt am not successful my user name & password are ok. Bt am not receiving approval code this generator code isn’t good.can you help me to get this code

  11. yaata corrigan says:

    i have another account which i login through
    my number,no other email. But recently a friend of mine got my mobile and used it to create his own acc,hopefully i caught him and told him to change his number. But now i cant seem to login to my account as it says that the number is invalid. What do i do ? Please help

  12. LaTicia says:

    I absolutely do not like the code generator. My phone number has changed and I do not have access to a desktop so I can not get another code. So what am I to do now?? Thanks…

    • Julian says:

      #LaTicia# You will need to contact Facebook directly. The link to contact Facebook is provided in this post conversation thread.

  13. mitche says:

    Having A problem in my fb accnt i cant log in.. My fb accnt asking a generator code..

  14. Alisha Latif says:

    I Haven’t given any mobile number in my id…and they are sending code..don’t know on which mobile code is being sent…so can u help me to log in my account please?

  15. karen Abueva says:

    Filemon dela Cruz problem Facebook authentication how he can fix the code generator.

  16. Tanim R Chowdhury says:

    I cant login my facebook account n also cnt reset paswd , my mail id missing from my account . How can i take it back

  17. sarah says:

    Recently rebooted my phone and tried to reinstall facebook mobile app. Phone number on account is correct, says sms is sent with login code but two days later nothing. I also tried it directly through browser with same result. Any ideas? This is driving me crazy.

  18. Durair says:

    Same problem like Sarah and I haven’t any other device with opened account… plzzzz tell me what I do plzzzz.
    I haven’t I’d card for the Facebook confirmation process…
    If u have any idea then plzzzz tell me

  19. rathod ravi says:

    My Facebook account id 8141228903 but my this mobile number i loss I’m not received conformance coad please send conformance code my mail id [email protected]

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