Millions in the US don’t use Facebook privacy settings

A recent US study has found that nearly 13 million US users of Facebook are either simply unaware of, or simply don’t use privacy settings. The study found that 4.8 million people have shared details about their plans for a certain day and 4.7 million have ‘liked’ a Facebook page related to heath issues or treatments. The latter can expose personal information which can be used against them by insurance companies.

9% of US Facebook users are sharing personal information, which is a staggering number considering how often Facebook is in the news regarding privacy. An even more interesting statistic identified 7 million households with members on Facebook who have been harassed or threatened or had users log in to their accounts. without permission.

Facebook has introduced app privacy features but it appears people are either not aware or don’t know how to use the privacy tools because only 37% of them have used these features. For years I’ve been saying you shouldn’t publish your date of birth on the Internet, and this includes Facebook. This study found that 20.4 million US Facebook users made public their date of birth on their profiles. 🙁

It’s been well documented on this blog that Facebook’s privacy policies have become convoluted, so it’s no surprise that it’s users don’t know or understand how to manage their profile and app privacy. That said it’s down to you on whether you share your day to day life on Facebook. Remember, sharing information with “friends of friends” may well expose your profile to people who are not your friends.

Facebook users should consider reading my post ‘Facebook Timeline – it’s your final decision’. This will open your eyes to just how easy it is for you to manage your Facebook profile. Why not give it a go folks!

Safe surfing folks!

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