Facebook Timeline Remover app scam in circulation

The Facebook Timeline was discussed in a blog post back in December of last year. Your timeline is your collection of the photos, stories, and experiences that tell your Facebook life story. You are able to add a cover, edit your basic information; jump to the past; view your activity log; see highlights from each month; star stories you want to highlight; add life events; update your status; view and add photos and share your app activity. Most if not all of you will be using Timeline right now.

So it’s no surprise to hear then, that malware authors have been targeting potential Facebook users via wall posts and spam emails with a themed “Remove my Timeline” app scam, where users are asked to install a browser extension which rolls Facebook back to it’s original look. I’ve not actually seen a browser extension and nor has any other security researcher. What we have noticed is that by clicking the “Remove my Timeline” button, allows this app to access your basic information, email address and also asks you if you would like to invite your friends to use the app as well.

Once this is done you are then offered a collection of survey scams to complete. This is where they capture your data and commence with spamming you. This latest scam is using social engineering techniques to extract your personal data and sell your data on to interested third-parties. All you need to do is remove from your post/feed and tell your friends the same, to avoid being the victim of this latest Facebook scam. Remember also to make sure you are using anti-virus and firewall protection.

Safe surfing folks!

Bootnote: There is more than one rogue “Timeline Remover” app in circulation right now, whereby some appear to deliver suspicious plugins as well as the popular survey scam.

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3 Responses to Facebook Timeline Remover app scam in circulation

  1. Mukesh kumar says:

    My friend’s facebook account is not open plz hlep i am gettin blank page when i log in .

  2. Pink says:

    I used one Timeline Remover app, and I was NOT SPAMMED. Nor was I asked to fill out any surveys. I had NO problems with it whatsoever. Not all Timeline Remover apps are ‘bad’. The real ‘problem’ is “Timeline” !!!

    • Julian says:

      #Pink# I agree, not all Timeline Remover apps are ‘bad’. It comes down to education and awareness, which is why this blog exists.

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