Update Microsoft Office 2007 to Service Pack (SP) 3

Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack (SP) 3 like all SP releases is an optional update. If you use Microsoft Office 2007, then it’s important you make sure that you have the latest service pack release. For Office 2007, that means you should have installed SP3.

These service pack releases are NOT security updates, so there isn’t an immediate need to install them as part of the regular security updates. Microsoft normally releases service packs after the product was first launched or in some instances since the previous service pack release.

Microsoft Office 2007 has to date had three service pack releases i.e. SP1, SP2 and SP3. Microsoft announced on October 6th, 2011 that SP3 would be the last service pack update for Office 2007. This month – April 2012, marks the unfortunate end of mainstream support, with a schedule end of life coming in 2014.

Microsoft does state that it plans to support Office 2007 well into 2017, with Office 2003 extending support until 2014. This means, businesses and consumers needn’t worry for now about the lack of support for Office 2003 and 2007.

Microsoft normally provides mainstream support for about five years and then a further five years for extended support, which includes incident reporting, free security updates and hot fixes. The extended support element includes paid support and hot fixes. If you have installed Office SP1 and SP2, then I suggest you download the Office 2007 SP3 release right now.

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