Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 – AV industry is dead

There has been quite a bit written by security researchers and media about Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) over the past few years. Some complimentary and others not so. My personal opinion has always been that MSE is actually quite a good product, especially given it has always been 100% free. If you are wondering whether to download and install MSE, read on.

Microsoft has in the past few days updated MSE under the hood with major improvements to automatic remediation for quarantining malicious files (including lowering the false point count) and scanning performance (improved load balancing so your PC doesn’t slow down) and malware detection. Microsoft has also bolstered MSE with Active Protection Service (formerly SpyNet) which automatically reports malware data back to Microsoft servers (normally referred to as ‘invoke on demand’).  This latest version has jumped to version 4.0.1526.0 or greater and includes some minor interface improvements too.

MSE doesn’t require you to register (although I know Microsoft have an invoke on demand capability which collects user/PC behaviour data) and there are no trials and of course no annoying expiration and renewal reminders. Also, MSE has improved so much over the past few years that an OPSWAT survey recently concluded that it has overtaken AVG for second spot in the ‘most used antivirus software’ category. Worth considering?

The real reason why I believe MSE is something a Windows user should consider is partly down to market adoption of Windows. Microsoft collects vast amounts of data on every Windows PC connected to the Internet on a daily basis along with vast amounts of malicious activity data (along with malware collection from malware exchanges with AV vendors). This data is invaluable when it comes to improving and protecting a user base.

Microsoft along with it’s Windows 8 Secure Boot (known as ‘Trusted Boot Process’), is in an envious position right now. The next 12 months will shape the AV industry, but something tells me the AV industry and in particular the freemium AV market may well now be dead. Download and install Microsoft Security Essentials and let me know what you think. This update will also be automatically made available via Microsoft Update.

Safe surfing folks!

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