Norton Identity Safe – Symantec’s free cloud service

Norton (Symantec) recently launched the Identity Safe mobile cloud-based security service in beta trial mode. It’s a free password management browser toolbar (IE only) that allows users to store and manage (via upload) logins and passwords for apps, websites and for example online banking services. The cloud integration allows you to synchronise your login across multiple devices including mobile. It looks like the browser is sandboxed, but I cannot confirm it right now.

After you download and install the PC version which installs a browser toolbar in IE, you might also want to download the iOS or Android app (use your camera to click on the QR code) if you want to use the multiple device synching option. Note: the mobile app uses a native ‘private’ browser (which doesn’t cache your surfing behaviour), so if you want to aggregate your online identities into one secure box, you’ll be unable use Safari for example. You will be asked to remember a single eight character master password, which will not be recoverable by Symantec. So don’t forget your password folks!

As for the PC version, you can import existing logins and passwords from IE, Firefox and Chrome – I’ve no idea why this option is offered because you should never store your logins and passwords in the browser (see bootnote). Everyone who works in security knows this. You should already be using a client password manager, which you can use to upload your sensitive data to this cloud service. It’s all about safe housekeeping here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Identity Safe Browsing Options – uncheck ‘Autofill my logins when I visit websites’ and ‘Autofill sites containing security threats’. I believe you should have the control here.

Anytime you visit a website, Identity Safe will prompt you to store logins as you browse. The current default setting is ‘Ask for my password at the beginning of each login session’. If you have stored logins/passwords, every time you visit a website with your stored credentials, Identity Safe can ask you for your master password for extra security. I would check ‘Ask for my password before filling out a login or form’ to activate this important security feature.

Identity Safe comes with some bloatware called Norton Safe Web Protection. I’ve no idea why, given you might already have a URL scanner as part of your existing AV suite. If you have Norton Internet security or Norton 360 you will already have access to Norton Identity Safe.

Bootnote: When installing Identity Safe ‘Disable browser password manager (recommended)’ is checked by default

Safe surfing folks!

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