AV-Test reissues Android security apps test

AV-Test.org a reputable anti-virus testing company, whom I know well, recently (March 6th) conducted a test to find out the level of protection offered by Android anti-malware solutions. The test would rank each of the 41 vendors by detection and remediation, similar to the testing they and other labs perform in the PC environment.

The test process however, came in for some rightful criticism from three companies – NQ Mobile, Total Defense and MYMobileSecurity. The main criticism surrounding the testing methodology came about from the fact the original test didn’t enable full internet access which in turn allowed for the products to enable their in-the-cloud queries. Once this critical feature was enabled the test result proved more accurate (not only for the three companies mentioned in this post), hence a revised test report was published yesterday (March 13th). AV-Test have asked that their previous report be discarded as it is inaccurate.

I know the AV-Test team and they would be the first to admit that mobile malware testing is in its infancy, hence their openness to feedback and criticism on their testing methodology. They responded very quickly to address the concerns of the three vendors named above. Other AV testing labs and this includes security magazine editors (who write product reviews) should also stand up and take note.

Safe surfing folks!

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